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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Why you may not be sufficiently prepared for retirement

Read? Why you may not be sufficiently prepared for retirement

Yalor. This is how mainstream says it loudly!

Understanding the difference between (1) Planning for retirement early and moving ahead year-on-year and (2) Planning for retirement early and getting lock-up for retirement way ahead of its time.

Rich Dad. Poor Dad talks about Assets and Cash Flow; but Uncle8888 talks about Good Assets, Rich Assets and Cash Flow

Human Asset, Financial Assets and Cash Flow!

Same same but different!


  1. Uncle,

    After hearing from you, I fully agree and buy in to your theory. Thanks!

  2. In the above 4 phases of life, which point is most critical that decides whether you can choose to work or not when you reach point Z.

    For some, may be will never able to reach point z but point Y all the way to RIP.

    Sad case.

    Of course if it's a choice, well done!

    Congratulations CW, i know you have just started point Z.

    Your KLKK confirms lah!

    May you have many more blessed years.

    A human has liability only if he needs money to live.
    And i can tell you many don't have any liability since birth.
    And i think there is nothing wrong if that lucky person is happy with his life now.

    For all the rest of us, we have liability till RIP but we can be happy too.


  3. Some plan retirement for their kid... it is good or wise?

    Teach them to fish or give them fish that last forever.

  4. If you have to plan retirement for your kid............Hmmmmmm....

    i think most probably "Sad Case".

    This type of case even money can not really solve the problem.

    You need a sincere guardian definitely.

    Most of the time, money is not the real problem, looking for a trust worthy guardian is.

    Because this person has to commit to the welfare of another person for life.

    So i always think once you are a father or mother, it is for life.

    That is especially one of your children is "sub-normal".


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