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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Don’t Let Your Money Die A Slow Death In Cash Or Don't Gamble With Your Hard Earned Money In The Stock Market???

You are likely to hear from "Gurus" are trying to sell you something relating to investing or trading : Don’t Let Your Money Die A Slow Death In Cash. 

You are likely to hear from your parents or old relatives who are advising you based on their own experience during AFC (1998) in the stock market. Before AFC (1998), CPF members were allowed to invest or trade in whatever way they deemed fit to become rich in the stock market : Don't Gamble With Your Hard Earned Money In The Stock Market.

CW8888: Letting your money die a slow death in cash is more SCARY??? than losing more then 60% of your hard earned saving in less than 24 months (length of Fixed Deposit)


  1. CW,

    If we put our money in a bank, the bank has to pay us interest, however small...

    But the moment they convinced us to not money rot - open SRS, CPIS, trading, investment accounts, the bank can start earning fees and commissions from us instead ;)

    Same goes for brokers, financial advisors, real estate agents; etc.

    Anyone who tells you "anytime" is a "good time" to invest, walk away...

    That's a lie told to "bei kambings".

    Savvy investors don't operate like that.

  2. In life there is no sure thing except you know what the 2 things?
    Anytime is a good time to buy can be true if you can spot the the thing to buy.

    Of course, when there is a sale promotions, there are many more branded goods at very attractive prices which can never happen in normal sale time.

    1. And I thought it was death and taxes ;)

      We all know that sheepish feeling to discover something we bought recently that's now currently on sale at 50% discount :(

      That's how we have been conditioned intuitively that unless we need the article urgently, its better to wait for the Big Singapore Sale during middle of the year, and Christmas/New Year Sales during end of the year.

      For investors who have survived several cycles, they'll prefer to buy during a "sale" ;)

  3. Ha! Ha!
    Again the old saw:- "The most difficult thing to do is sit still and do nothing"
    It's applicable in any field of interest.
    But i did apply for IPO Keppel D C Reit & FLT.


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