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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Understanding Stock Market Risks - Financial Fraud Risk is Real! (5) - Refreshing

Read? Understanding Stock Market Risks - Financial Fraud Risk is Real! (5)

ALL investment by nature is RISKY!

This is the standard answer to anyone who drinks coffee with Uncle8888 and talks about investing strategies when they ask on how to avoid losing money.

Uncle8888 has mentioned it many times in his blog. That why it is called investment as we may lose some or the whole sum of capital invested. If one wants to play safe and feel PROTECTED then it is better to be good savers. Inflation will just kill us softly and most of the time we may not even feel the pain for long when we are good savers over decades of rising earned income.


The Hen & the Pig Go To Breakfast

A Hen and a Pig were sauntering down the main street of an Indiana town (yes, this is another shaggy dog story!) when they passed a restaurant that advertised “Delicious ham and eggs: 75 cents.” “Sounds like a bargain,” approved the Hen. “That owner obviously know how to run his business. “It’s all very well for you to be so pleased about the dish in question,” observed the Pig with some resentment. “For you it is all in the day’s work. Let me point out, however, that on my part it represents a genuine sacrifice.”

All stocks by nature are risky. 

We can only protect themselves by risk control and money management. So you the Hen or Pig when come to investing your money in any one stock?


  1. What is the moral of the story when you visit investment forum, chatboxes and blogs to get your investing ideas?

  2. Uncle,

    Thanks for the advice! Appreciate it.

  3. Wah uncle, you start writing parable too!

  4. Alternatively:-

    If you want or must invest "Lock, Stock and Barrel", beware of the consequences when it doesn't work out.

    i actually did it when i invested for the 1st time.
    But we were DINK and no debt at that time.

    Another words whatever you choose to do, be prepared first for the result (worse case scenario) not after.

    But how many of us, how often we think in this way.

    Most Retirees can not afford not to think in this way.
    The 4Ks way.

    To tell the truth i did not think in this way at that time.
    i did it by instinct & guts


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