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Friday, 28 October 2016

Setting financial Goals that are beyond your control???

Hmm .... Huh?

Who are telling you that?

Not to set financial goals that are beyond your control!

It is like telling us not to run a marathon race. You can't set your marathon goal as you can't control your body and legs to make it!

Come here.

Uncle8888 shows you how to run an investment marathon race by setting 10-years Investment Marathon Goals.

Even we can't complete our full marathon race; but we still manage to complete 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 of the investment race. We are still ahead of those assholes who are telling us that we can't!


  1. LOL!

    Name calling some more? Assholes???

    CW, you really angry?


    Didn't you poked others who set more "aggressive" goals than you as in 10% - 15% returns per year?

    Must set goals; just as long they don't exceed yours?

    Hmm. Must find someone to blame. Temperament, its all your fault!!!

    Quick, buy CW a drink ;)

  2. My fault?
    No lah!
    You know me by now I talk straight one?
    i always believe "Wu Chao Kunfu" is the highest Kunfu you can achieve.
    And no plan is actually the master plan of all plan.

    1. temperament,

      It's cool.

      I just had kopi face to face with CW this afternoon ;)

      All thanks to Sillyinvestor who bought us coffee!

      I think CW jealous you praised me ;)

      Next time when CW shows his deluxe powerpoints, can you compliment he good, better, best?


    2. No worry.
      CW knows I admired him how even with the dreaded D, He single handedly bring up his 3 children.
      Not only this he doesn't have to depend on his children for "retirement".
      Some more, he also plans for his home minister just in case.

      But i think i admire him most is his spirit of positive thinking under very stressful circumstances.

      Now who says i have not praised him.

  3. SMRT?

    Even SMRT not completely straight one.


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