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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Home Bias or Away Home Bias???

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Read? Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (10)

Any thing seriously wrong with our bias?

It doesn't really matter when we are still making money over decades in the stock market, over market cycles, and over economic cycles in whatever Bias we may have.

The real and truly tested investing in managing diversity and risk is cash and investment.

Make Hay while Sun shines and avoid pulling Weeds during Winter for the next Summer. That will be sad!

Concepts and theories are good; but nothing beat your own practices and results!


  1. Uncle, what is the meaning of avoid pulling Weeds during Winter for the next Summer?

    1. Make Hay while Sun shines (Take profits in Bull market will have larger war chest).

      Pulling Weeds during Winter (Cut losses on big losers will end up much smaller war chest).

      In investing our account size really matters! Even more so to recover from realized losses.

  2. i 100% agree account size matters.

    From my experience i am operating 2 accounts.
    Mine and my wife.
    My wife just don't want to handle the challenges of the financial market or investment matters.

    My wife's account has been performing better as relected in her CPFIS and CPF OA.
    i believe because i have using her CPFIS AS A BACKUP DEFENCE.

    Whereas i had closed CPFIS and withdrawn my OA so the cash portion of my/our investment portfolio are our cash combined.
    i use it as my frontline in battling the wars in the investment market.

    Yes account size and acount positioning matter in financial wars
    Never pressing the nuclear bomb button.


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