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Friday, 21 October 2016

Property or Stocks??? (2)

Read? Property or Stocks???

That day; we were talking about one investment property for rental income as "passive" income. Of course; during good times it is passive income ; but during bad times rental income may drop to ZERO for X or XX months. Still passive? But for portfolio of stocks for dividend income; it will not drop to ZERO. 

There is no free lunch in investing. Just choice!


  1. Just lower the rental until it's irresistible?

    1. Not enough.
      Must compete how livable the property is always no. 1 to attract the "correct" tenant.
      Not compete for the cheapskate ones.

    2. During last GFC; one well known public figure couldn't rent out his apartment for many months despite of large followers on his blog and FB. See how difficult it can be. Pretty sure many of his followers would want to cheong to help him. :-)

    3. Hari ini saya ingin mengunkapkan tentang perjalanan hidup saya,karna masalah ekonomi saya selalu dililit hutang bahkan perusahaan yang dulunya saya pernah bagun kini semuanya akan disitah oleh pihak bank,saya sudah berusaha kesana kemari untuk mencari uang agar perusahaan saya tidak jadi disitah oleh pihak bank dan akhirnya saya nekat untuk mendatangi paranormal yang terkenal bahkan saya pernah mengikuti penggandaan uang dimaskanjeng dan itupun juga tidak ada hasil yang memuaskan dan saya hampir putus asa,,akhirnya ketidak segajaan saya mendengar cerita orang orang bahwa ada paranormal yang terkenal bisa mengeluarkan uang ghaib atau sejenisnya pesugihan putih yang namanya Mbah Rawa Gumpala,,,akhirnya saya mencoba menhubungi beliau dan alhamdulillah dengan senan hati beliau mau membantu saya untuk mengeluarkan pesugihan uang ghaibnya sebesar 10 M saya sangat bersyukur dan berterimakasih banyak kepada Mbah Rawa Gumpala berkat bantuannya semua masalah saya bisa teratasi dan semua hutang2 saya juga sudah pada lunas semua,,bagi anda yang ingin seperti saya dan ingin dibabtu sama Mbah silahkan hubungi 085 316 106 111 saya sengaja menulis pesan ini dan mempostin di semua tempat agar anda semua tau kalau ada paranormal yang bisah dipercaya dan bisa diandalkan.untuk lebih lengkapnya buka saja blok Mbah karna didalam bloknya semuanya sudah dijelaskan PESUGIHAN DANA GHAIB TANPA TUMBAL

  2. You are right but wrong at the same time.
    Good or bad times, there will zero dividends.

    1. That's where REITs are better in many ways if you like property as an investment for income.

  3. Don't forget in between tenants. It is zero rental income too.

  4. It's never about the vehicle; its always about the driver ;)

    Some vehicles just suit certain temperaments better.

    Want to know which vehicles suit us better?

    How do you buy your shoes?

  5. Go to the shop to try the shoe and then buy online. Be frugal!

    1. Lucky not everyone so "cheapskate"...

      Glad I don't have to eat water-melons all the way to the green ;)

      How boring our shopping malls would be if everyone shops online?


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