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Sunday, 16 October 2016

STI ETF TSR bought at its historical highest

Even when we have bought STI ETF at its historical highest on 1 Oct 2008. It is break-even at last Friday closing stock price. Never mind the laughter from Grasshopper that we are investing long term just to break-even.


  1. Dividends are our Panadols to ease heartache and headache when we didn't get it right!

  2. Time and dividends will heal all wound. We just need to make sure we dont sink together with the submarines

  3. You should have made some money if from 2008 till now you scale in with fixed $ buying monthly.

    Actually that is classic purpose of ETF or Indexing.

    Isn't it?

  4. CW,

    Money lost can be earned back. Time lost is forever gone.

    Well, take away 8 years from that excel sheet where one "projects" 30 years of wonderful X% compounding.

    Now with only 22 years left, the annual compounding returns % have to go up to make up for the 8 lost years right?

    How now?

    The alternative is to push back the "planned" retirement goal by a further 8 years? Just move the goal posts?


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