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Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Three Matters On Personal Finance: Saving, Insurance, and Investment!!! (3)

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We will know we have arrived at high level of competency on personal finance and investment when we are able to build up our own self-insured fund in addition to our existing medical insurance coverage to replace those expensive premiums in our 60s and above. 

Once above 60; the premium is just too costly to transfer those risks to insurance companies. So, can we underwrite those risks on our own terms since many of us are aiming to be competent retail investors? Can right?

Younger ones while you work on your investment portfolio to reach your Financial Independence stage; you may want to think about self-insured funding in your 60s too.

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Hi uncle cw 8888 when you say self insured fund you mean investment portfolio with dividend yield?

  3. My self insured fund consists of RA, SA, MA, Medishield life and $XX,000 cash for quick payment.

  4. Self insured means you have no more financial liabilities to housing, child education, etc.

    We do insure for medical cost via Medisheild.

    If you own a car, even if it is fully paid, we still require to buy insurance (min 3rd party).

  5. Minor to not so minor sickness perhaps can be self insured for retired average working class.
    Major dreaded diseases i think most of us can't afford to self insured.
    If unfortunate then........


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