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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Counting So Hard On How Much Money Is Enough? (2)

Read? Counting So Hard On How Much Money Is Enough?

With several insurance policies, CPF saving, investment portfolio and a fully paid 4 room HDB flat; the counting of money showed that it was not that bad. His family should be able to "tong" through the next 15 years without too much financial hardship. 

In fact his CPF saving, investment portfolio and a fully paid 4 room HDB flat already made him a Millionaire in asset value; but he couldn't afford to take 1 to 2 months no-pay leave after using up his 90 days hospitalization leaves. This life experience has taught him experiential wisdom to see the difference between Rich and Wealthy.

A million dollar in asset value can make us feel rich; but not necessary we are wealthy enough to afford thing that we want even it is just about $X,XXX in value. 

Not until we went through life crisis ourselves; how many will fully agree and appreciate this article? The More Cash People Have, the Happier They Are

Rotting cash does have other explicit value and become priceless when the circumstance becoming so urgent and necessary!

The conventional wisdom of advocating 6 months of emergency cash is enough?

Well. It is all depends on one's age and state of health.

In the 40s and 50s, 6 months is enough? How sure?

If the state of health is not that good. 6 months is enough? Really?

Before Uncle8888 reaching 55; his emergency cash is term of years because his life experience has taught him Cash is King!


  1. 钱是维持生活的基本,但钱不是万能的,没钱却是万万不能的。




    Source: Internet

    1. Those Money that we can see and count; but cannot be used to purchase is useless when we need them most. :-(

    2. Hari ini saya ingin mengunkapkan tentang perjalanan hidup saya,karna masalah ekonomi saya selalu dililit hutang bahkan perusahaan yang dulunya saya pernah bagun kini semuanya akan disitah oleh pihak bank,saya sudah berusaha kesana kemari untuk mencari uang agar perusahaan saya tidak jadi disitah oleh pihak bank dan akhirnya saya nekat untuk mendatangi paranormal yang terkenal bahkan saya pernah mengikuti penggandaan uang dimaskanjeng dan itupun juga tidak ada hasil yang memuaskan dan saya hampir putus asa,,akhirnya ketidak segajaan saya mendengar cerita orang orang bahwa ada paranormal yang terkenal bisa mengeluarkan uang ghaib atau sejenisnya pesugihan putih yang namanya Mbah Rawa Gumpala,,,akhirnya saya mencoba menhubungi beliau dan alhamdulillah dengan senan hati beliau mau membantu saya untuk mengeluarkan pesugihan uang ghaibnya sebesar 10 M saya sangat bersyukur dan berterimakasih banyak kepada Mbah Rawa Gumpala berkat bantuannya semua masalah saya bisa teratasi dan semua hutang2 saya juga sudah pada lunas semua,,bagi anda yang ingin seperti saya dan ingin dibabtu sama Mbah silahkan hubungi 085 316 106 111 saya sengaja menulis pesan ini dan mempostin di semua tempat agar anda semua tau kalau ada paranormal yang bisah dipercaya dan bisa diandalkan.untuk lebih lengkapnya buka saja blok Mbah karna didalam bloknya semuanya sudah dijelaskan PESUGIHAN DANA GHAIB TANPA TUMBAL

  2. Cash Flow!
    Cash Flow!
    Company or individual or family, all need to manage cash flow judiciously.

    Is too much cash rotting in the bank poor management of cash flow?

  3. Life on its own has enough worries. Why worry more? The future is not for us to decide. Do everything in moderation including spending and saving for the future.

    No matter how much we save, no amount is enough, divine blessing is important. If Heavens decide that you are striken with all manner of diseases, no insurance cover can help you there.

    Our current consumer inflation is 3% annually, it is already impoverishing us even if one is a millionaire in asset. Medical inflation is 15% annually! Today, a medical specialist doing less, less bloodied or bloodless ops, all-in same day cut and discharge, key-hole robotic surgery but the bills come multi-baggers, wiping out your decades of investment.

    With all these, should we be feel bearish? NO, just laugh and be merry.



    1. Yes, even King Solomon said, "All is in vain".
      Who can say otherwise?
      Yet we just have to carry on and do our best.
      The rest up to what you believe in.


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