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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

More Money or My Son?

Uncle8888 received surprising phone call from his old ex colleague who took the plunge and went to the Sales side of the company on basic pay and commission basis. Over the years, he did very well in Sales. He had worked hard days and nights to earn fatter and fatter commissions.

One day; his only son in Secondary Two came home with his Report Card with all Red! 

Like most parents, we will jump and think that the child is at fault with this type of poor result. 

No study hard? 

Children should have seen and know that we, parents are working so hard to earn more money to give our children a better future. They should have been studying hard too. In Singapore's education; this Report Card is gone case!

Uncle8888 believe he had lectured his son over such bad result and his son shot back at him with a wake up call. 

Son : All this while you have neglected me. Have you really care about me? Concern me? I hardly see you. You keep working day and night! You have no time for me!

He has a Wake Up call from his son. This ex-colleague has reached 55 on that year and over the next few months; he worked out his number that he has enough money from his CPF OA, Insurance endowment and saving to retire early.

He retired at 55 and spent time with his son. Every day he would drive his son to school and picked up his son from school. He fully gave up his time to son. Soon his son changed and spend more time at home studying. His son's grade also improved. His son did well and went to JC and also secured a place at NTU and now serving NS.

He told Uncle8888 that his choice is clear - More Money or His Son. He made that clear decision with NO Regret! He wanted his Son and not more money!

During the conversation, Uncle8888 has asked him twice. He said that he is NOT into stock market for investment income as he can't afford to lose money in the stock market. He claimed he has enough money to last his lifetime and support his son's tertiary education and not looking for more. 

So Uncle8888 is quite right! Now; he has seen Real Person. Real Retiree who doesn't invest and can retire early at 55!


  1. Hi bro8888,

    A very good story to show all the parents whose kids they sent to me :) Good reminder of what i should do in the future when my kid is born too. There are too many too many absent fathers in my 12 yrs of work as a tutor. 99.9% I'm dealing with the mum, and the dads are missing.

    1. LP and CW,

      That's why I'm closer to mom than my dad.

      Success is what we have to sacrifice to achieve it...

      Why must invest???

      If a person can Earn More and Save More, and is happy with Enough, why indeed!

    2. A private banker was in the media saying cash is not king...

      He would say it, wouldn't he?

      If its cash, the bank has to pay the depositor interest (however small). But if that cash is turned into other asset classes, now the bank can start generating fees and commissions ;)

      Must invest!


  2. Uncle ,
    Agreed !! " Ki Ka Ki Chew"..family is more important than money !!
    Thanks for sharing ,,, cheers !!

  3. Hope more parents are reading this true story of our choices when we have really enough to make a difference to our family life.

  4. It is a privilege to be able to retire. But having said that, I don't plan to retire.
    In fact, I don't ever want to retire! It is a personal choice and having a son or not shouldn't be a factor.


  5. His reason is to retire from his job and NOT by slowing down to have more family time as he doesn't wish to become liability to his team and pull down the whole team's revenue and sales target.

    Not all jobs can allow someone to slow down or work at their own pace. Not all are lucky to be working under not so stressful work environment.

  6. The hands that rock the cradle rules the World?

    Condemn prisoners will talk about their mothers, very rarely about their fathers.

  7. Whether mother or father, it's obvious that time n proximity n communication build relationships n not money!

  8. Nice story,

    Can feel the love of father. However, not all have the luxury of choice. It is not an excuse. Some people has 2-3 kids with 2-3k household income. Ask them to quit lor.

    But it doesn't mean those kids are useless. In my line of work, the real jellies are seldom those with family problems or "poor" families with "hardworking parents. They are those with loving parents who spoilt their child rotten by giving whatever they want and they lose their sense of responsibility.

    My Ace pupils, one dun have a father, have a hole in the heart, she represented school in volleyball. What is stopping her?

    Another who from an E to a A, she is FAS pupil, skip recess to save money, seldom see her parents, cook her own dinner. Did she ever complain about neglect?

    Another troublemaker in the beginning of the year, lived with his grandfather, mother divorced, he work hard now. Saw his hunger (albeit low) for success.

    Another divorced mother bring multiple lovers home, his son super disoriented. But towards the end, still bite the bullet and do his best for PSLE

    Time is not the only correlation with love.

    Money is not the only thing that "buys" time.

    We are responsible for ourselves when fate dealt us a bad set of cards

    1. I think it may like this.

      Son blame his father for his failure at school. May be his own fault.

      Since his father has full resources at his disposal he hit back hard at his son to prove it himself.

      Now that I gave you all my time that you have asked. You show me yours.

      How? No?

    2. Lol CW,

      More like, I see where u are coming form, I love you son, and I mean it, since I quit my job. Hope u see I am trying to make up lost time and u gave yours too

  9. Actually, we are all unique in our own way.
    We are all gifted differently.
    Therefore we all may react differently under exactly the same circumstances.

  10. "time is no only correlation with love." Agree.

    But if time, proximity n communication can build strong knitting relationships, do you not think there is love?

    n with ur true faith of giving up of the worldly time in place of ur child, do u not think that is also element of wisdom, knowledge etc?

  11. Rolf,

    Definitely proximity and communication is important. I do not doubt Cw's friend's love and wisdom. In fact, he is courageous too.

    What I am saying is if, for those who do not have the resources, not all is lost. Time, communication, are both important.

    I have all the time with my son, but we are seated together in a sofa, playing smartphone, doesn'5 count, right?

    My father used to be very busy, when we sit down together once in a blue moon to talk, it felt wonderful.


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