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Friday, 14 October 2016

Now It Is Alright For Him To Ask

EX-ex-Boss asked Uncle8888 for advice on his CPF OA as he is reaching 55 this year. (Think should be soon or year end). 

Should he take out all CPF OA balance to invest and close his CPFIS account?

You know in the corporate world when Bosses asked for something. We don't know never mind; but we must google for some reasonable answer or solution for them. LOL!

So Uncle8888 suggested (when working we can't advise our bosses) to him to leave CPF OA balance there and not to close his CPFIS as it can be used as war chest which is earning reasonable 2.5% return while waiting for market to come down more. His CPF OA can serve as his asset allocation of 2.5% Bond for fixed income and War Chest.

Uncle8888 told him that he will prepare some slides for him later.

All those images in the 12 slides sent to him are already seen in this blog except for this new slide to answer his question.

This action from his ex-boss is encouraging as it is a good sign that he has arrived at his level of competency in financial literacy even boss recognized it. :-)


  1. Even boss not shy and step forward to the front and ask. LOL!

    1. If you are curious to know what did I send to ex-ex-boss for his review. I can forward it to you.

  2. It's kind of you to offer without people asking.
    But people are generally funny.
    They won't appreciate FOC one.
    You must make them pay even for a token sum of money, then they will start opening their eyes to really see.

    i have shared before how i regretted 13 years ago, at 55 i withdrew all my CPF and closed my CPFIS.
    i have warned people not to do what i have done unless you really need the money for emergency use.
    Even then no need to closed your CPFIS.

    Now go and think how much interest i would have earned for 13 +years if i have left my CPF and CPFIS intact.

    i am still interested in your FOC offer.
    Email to me lol!



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