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Monday, 17 October 2016

STI ETF TSR bought at its historical lowest

Read? STI ETF TSR bought at its historical highest

(1) Getting it absolutely right : TSR is 133% or XIRR 12.7% over 7 yrs

(2) Getting it absolutely wrong: Breakeven or small losses!

(3) Most of us : 0% to 12.7% over X years.

Next time, you read some bloggers telling you about investing for income; you can afford to be lazy and passive. Mr. Market is NOT your father and mother who pour milk into your mouth to build sustainable retirement income for life for you. Other than those dividends given by companies; the source of capital gains will come from other market players' earned income from their jobs. 

So you think you can afford to be lazy and passive and then compound your way to build reasonable size portfolio to retire well.  Can?

Show this blog link URL. LOL!

Tips: Some bloggers are already earning high income or has accumulated millions dollar saving in their portfolio. Of course; they can WELL AFFORD to be lazy and passive in their investing strategy for income.


  1. CW,

    Very clever!

    Now know how to bait and switch like 2nd hand car salesman ;)

    First pretend to side with "bei kambings" - buy anything no worries one lah! Even buy at the top won't lose money one... Have panadols to lessen the pain.

    Then comes the 2nd follow-up post - Your head lah!


  2. What is the advantages and disadvantages of investing in STI ETF?
    Just a quick thinking...

    1. No need to know FA (maybe simple PE and PTB of index)
    2. STI ETF will never go bankrupt?
    3. Passive investing with regular dividend (3~6% depending on your cost)
    4. The overall index will goes up due to inflation?
    5. Potential capital gain (long term)
    6. Low cost
    7. Perpetual dividend?

    a. very much depends on SG economy (SG up to 2030 growth is <3%)


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