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Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Difference Between Smart Financial Advice and Smart Financial Advice For You

Read? The Difference Between Smart Financial Advice and Smart Financial Advice For You

Uncle8888 fully agreed on the difference!

Be very careful what you are reading on issues or topics relating to our personal finance and investment.

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Same like smart financial advice on SRS, SA Top up, and Transfer CPF OA to SA advocated by mainstream's loud voices. All these are definitely smart financial advice on tax saving and compounding and ready for FUTURE retirement benefits.

Really smart financial advice for YOU based on your own financial capability and level?

Lacking of empathy in some blog posts is quite clear?

Small Thin Wallet cannot fit into Fat Big Purse's shoe.

Married late with two or more young children can NEVER fit into Single-hood's shoe.

Our worries will largely depend on the number of dependents we have as we married and have children. We want to provide them a better life. Right?


  1. Quote : "For those close to retirement, working as long as possible in order to earn more, save more, and reduce the number of years you are drawing on your portfolio is smart advice. But, if you have enough and you’d rather spend your most valuable resource (your time) elsewhere, retiring now might be smart financial advice for you."

  2. i think i can empathize.

    i tolerated office politics & working for people until 53.

    i was thinking why 2 people (my wife) had to suffer office politics.

    Imagine only 3 people working (including my wife) and there were incessant office politics by her colleague and her lousy Boss(aka a form of bullying as my wife in a way is even more straight forward then me).
    i talk straight but i can smell it's a rat (aka crook) when i see one.

    Of course my wife is more tolerant than me.

    Even then, she was thinking of quitting too.

    As i stop working (aka getting rid of debris from office politics) i could think better.
    But i could only supported her daily (mental health, listening ears, how to handle the office politics, etc...) as best as i could.

    But i still work quite hard as an "OPMI" in the stock market.
    Now i am a little "lazy"(aka 4Ks liu).

    Do you wonder why some people never work for anyone before except for themselves?

    Example Bully the Bear(if i am not wrong), my wife's niece and her hubby, ......?

    Some people tried working for people but take the risks of working for themselves?

    i think all these people must have something in common.

    That is "Enough is Enough - Money or Otherwise".


  3. Uncle,

    I agree with the quote above.

    Are we over worrying things for the dependent? Shouldn't they worry about it themselves and we just worry about ourselves?

    1. Hmm .. working spouse and working adult children are not dependent. Dependents need financial support from us. How does young dependents e.g. primary school know how to support themselves?


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