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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Who is singing so loud and happily at Yang Ming Shan, Taipei?

Read? Exploring Taiwan - Taipei Round 1 (Taipei 101 - Spending the last few hours in Taipei before leaving for Airport )

When Uncle8888 was approaching near the Peak at Yang Ming Shan; he heard someone singing loud and happily. Who is singing there?

When the singer saw me he stopped singing; but Uncle8888 began to praise him for his singing and exchanged some gestures. 

He looked at me and asked: "You from China?"

"No. I am from Singapore!"

"Good. Singapore. Many years back I went there. Nice country!"

After some small talks with him; he told me he lives there and came up to the mountain for afternoon nap, relax and sing to his heart!

Wow. Financial independence and happy man!

No need to work on Wednesday afternoon.

He then offered to take our camera and suggested a few nice spots on the mountain peak to take good photo. He said he knew this mountain too well and he is the famous professional photographer taking best photo shots of mountains in China and Taiwan. He has another photo exhibition coming up next year on 1 Feb 2016.

Hmm .. Famous professional photographer!


Later he showed Uncle8888 these ...

He passed me this as souvenir to bring home.

Uncle8888's daughter help to Google in Chinese and found him.

知名攝影家 姚文聰 Wun-Tsong Yao

Read? 和平大使 中華易經學院研究所 所長 蔡豐名 博士 與 知名攝影家 姚文聰 Wun-Tsong Yao 相見歡 


  1. CW,

    That's the beauty of unplanned, unscripted, and unrehearsed!

    Once in a while, we'll get the opportunity to meet up with Tarzan (泰山).

    Just like me meeting a HK man of leisure in Warsaw, and Rolf meeting Mr K on a plane...

    We'll remember such people encounters more than the places we have visited ;)

  2. Yeap. Catching Sunset in Tamsui is not part of the plan.

    知名攝影家 姚文聰 Wun-Tsong Yao is the one who told us that there was nothing more to see at the mountain peak as he has already showed us those beautiful views of Yang Ming Shan. The next thing to do is to quickly get down the mountain and have enough time to travel to Tamsui to catch Sunset.

    Read? Exploring Taiwan - Taipei Round 1 (Catching Sunset at Tamsui)

    Uncle8888 was told that Tamsui is the best place in Taipei to watch Sunset.

  3. As fisherman, I have seen too many Sunsets; but this one is so different. Got performance pose for Sunset. LOL!


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