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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Exploring Taiwan - Taipei Round 1 (Taipei 101 - Spending the last few hours in Taipei before leaving for Airport )

Read? Exploring Taiwan - Taipei Round 1 (Bitan (碧潭) - The Day After Typhoon Soudelor in Taiwan )

What is this at Floor 89 of Taipei 101 hanging outside the glass window?

Doing urgent maintenance after typhoon?

This must be rare sights for visitors to Taipei 101.


We may wonder how Taipei 101 survived Typhoon?

How a Skyscraper Stays Upright in a Typhoon

Read?  Taipei 101's epic mass damper has never swung so far

The Moral of Story in Financial Independence ...

What is the definition of financial independence in pure financial term?

Passive income exceeds annual family expenses?

Not really. Right?

In the market; we will always encounter many financial typhoons in the future. It is how big or how bad these typhoon are going to hit us. It is just like Typhoon Soufelor hitting Taipei 101.

At 6:59 am, in the winds of Typhoon Soudelor, the damper moved by a full meter from its center position, farther than it has ever moved in the building's decade history. It's kind of hard to put it in context until you watch the footage while keeping a few things in mind: 
  • This sphere is 18 feet in diameter.
  • It weighs 728 tons. 
  • The globe is suspended between the 87th and 92nd floors.
  • Part of the movement you see is the building moving around the damper.



For all keen in seeking financial independence, are you able to describe what is your damper in place to withstand future financial typhoons in your journey to the Land of Financial Independence and beyond.



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