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Saturday, 29 August 2015

It Is Still Better Than The Blow in Oct 2011; But Oct 2015 is NOT over Yet!!!

In Oct 2011; Uncle8888's portfolio value was down -21.8% and in Aug 2015, it was down -15.9%; but Oct 2015 is not over yet!


  1. Uncle.
    All these you bought since 2000?

    So overall. Net net. You earning not?
    Else really like me. 百忙一场

    1. Hmm .. you really didn't search hard and read more in this blog. Uncle cake sim liao. 百忙一场. Yalaor! :-( :-( :-(

    2. CW,

      Reminded me of a story my ex-Taiwan boss told me about our furniture showroom sales colleagues in China.

      Saw a coffee table dusty so Boss told the sales staff to clean it. That particular coffee table got cleaned.

      Next day, other furniture pieces dusty no one cleaned them... :(


      Finally got chance to correct other people's Chinese: 白忙一场 ;)


    3. Ya. We are not students. There is no spelling mistakes only typo. Recent example SG50 notes. Spelling mistake or typo error. LOL!

  2. Uncle.
    I busy leh.

    你好人做到底。 give me the link.
    I go read. Thank you.


    1. That Botak Man is watching us. I fear! Some more, next month meeting him at Seminar.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. hahahahaha... Better write hanyu pinyin!

    I am back from China. Gather some comments there about the market, people, govt etc

    Will there be a big teddy bear soon?


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