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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Uncle8888 Thanks His Past Him!!!

Comparing to many Uncle8888's peers when at that time HDB flats were so much affordable for average incomers; recently when he chatted with more peers on retirement planning; he realized that his war chest was so much bigger among his peers even though he has been a single household income earner with three children.

Uncle8888 now thanks the Past Him for the last 30 years effort for NOT buying a car while most of peers did and also NOT upgrading to a bigger home despite nagging from Home CEO. 

Now his CPF OA is pui pui and sibei song!

Some of his older peers are now thinking hard of down-grading to free up more retirement fund while Uncle8888 is thinking of where to travel next year?

Read? How will the Future You thank you? (2)

Start thinking now and how will the Future You thank you?


  1. Hi CW8888,
    Not upgrading to a bigger HDB may be right or wrong for somebody. Remember our time had 2 chances of the bite of the same cherry.

    Actually, my brother-in-law (wife's brother) started with the biggest bite of the cherry and repeated it one more time. Of course if you did that then your stock investment may be doing differently now.

    The best is doing what my brother-in-law did and still have capital to invest in the stock market for "long-term".
    i guess most working class can not do that.
    My wife stopped me from taking the biggest bite of the cherry for the first bite. The 2nd bite was a maisonette. Now, downgraded to the biggest 4 rm HDB model you can find.Had made some "small change". Now "TAN KOO KOO" The PAPY takes all.

    1. Probably average income earners of our peers may have to down-grade to free up more fund for their retirement. Many more baby boomers are going do that; can future property market support it is another question for them to think about.


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