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Monday, 24 August 2015

STI is technically into Bear Market!

Is this your first Bear Market?

For your eyes exercise, what did you notice in the table below?

Mr. Bear still have some leg to go?



  1. not my first, but always fun. this time, i got friends as company standing on the sidelines.

  2. my sti chart show the near support at 2730.
    what is your plan?

    i have few stock in my watch list, SCI, STE, singtel, OCBC and dbs , maybe SMRT

  3. ohh ya.

    uncle, your plan is every 20% drop is a buy? or drop 20% buy, then drop 30% buy again?

  4. uncle,
    just now dow drop -1000 points. but now recovering.

    how do u think? i think the drop is fast and fierce. so, will also rebound fast ?

    just wild thinking..

    1. History repeated itself as in 2009. That means this Bear may be shorter as 1,000 came faster

    2. uncle
      thanks. really learn a lot from you. well, so last friday is the first big drop. today 2nd. then more to come?
      or if today rebound then tomorrow is good buy?

      but i always think china will be like US, europe . should have its way to solve this issue. somemore china is not confirm in recession stage. but just slow growth. is market over-react?

      anyway, i tomorrow will start to do some buying. well, too much SCI now. wonder should i buy somemore.

    3. You no need to win back in the same way as you lose them.

      Read? Does Your Account Size Matter? - Part 2

      Read more on You don't need to win back in the same way as you lose them More search posts

    4. Here I maintain historical market event. You just need to search in the Search Box on the left to check what I have previously posted

    5. please keep healthy and eat well.

  5. Wise man says only fools rush in...

    I am close to 45:55 now... waiting for uncle to give instruction

    1. Hmm .. So you are waiting for The Man from U.N.C.L.E to give instructions. :-)

    2. yes. uncle. give us some instruction leh. you got more experience.

      well, what you going to buy today? dow close -3.57%

      not a good sign. may drop somemore?

    3. yes. uncle. give us some instruction leh. you got more experience.

      well, what you going to buy today? dow close -3.57%

      not a good sign. may drop somemore?

    4. My cash has been rotting for many years. Ants is ants. When Ants don't behave like ants. Grasshoppers will come and poke them for their Planning and Shifting Goals!

      I always like to say ...

      We must also be aware of our favourite bloggers' account size as Account Size Really Matters in Investing; especially true for long (term) run retail investors.

      We must watch what they do and NOT what they say as they have the financial strength to NIMBLE till STI reaching 1XXX, how many of us can?

      That is the sad truth!

  6. The last 2008/2009, fiasco i used up almost all my cash until I went very weak in my stomach. So I let my wife CPF money rotting until now. Imagine if i was more brave then the Spartans 300, i would have made a pile already.
    And do you know when did my stomach feel very weak? It was March 2009 when i purchased SPH @ $2.5. The last purchase then.
    See you must have long lasting power (capital) and "guts" to succeed. But my guts run out at the bottom of the market. Of course i did not know then. Or else, i would have whacked the Bear with my wife's CPF money.
    Alas, that's the problem with old-man without "HC" anymore. Can not afford to whack and whack one.
    Now this round, is there going to be any difference of entering the market again?
    Of course, there should be some differences of how i pace myself. It should be more patience and less excitement with prudence in my mind most of the time. Cannot take the same risks as when we were "DINK" & "ND". At that time, we put everything into the market.(Whacked the Bear as hard as who cares?)
    So it's always great to be young. But it doesn't mean you can be a bull in a China shop. O. K. !


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