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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Story Of The Duck (2)

Read? Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) skidded 588.5 points, or 3.6%,

But, STI  is reovering!


For those who may not have a chance to read this story and understand why the market is like that!

Read? The Story Of The Duck



  1. so uncle, you bought anything today?
    today may be good day to sell.

  2. CW,


    You now becoming bleeding heart?

    Your yeh friend hidden dragon crouching tiger.

    Many eager to buy the freaking dip, he more interested to sell the rip?

    Some more ask you what you bought today!?

    Now that's deep!


    1. Hi I am just ikan bilis.
      Want to learn from you guys.

    2. Today good buy meh? Most probably reach 3000 then drop again.

      China today big drop. But others are doing fine.

      Why ya?

    3. Uncle.
      I don't understand . Hahaha. Very chim.

      Can say human language not.

    4. The stock market is rigged by Big Boys. In football, we called it Kelong!

    5. So uncle.
      Buy below 2500?
      Slowly slowly buy?

  3. Oh yes, if you don't know we retail investors in the market are like a shoal of small fishes waiting to be swallowed by the sharks, then we can not survive for long, can't we?
    So remember try to be the "Remora" if you can.

  4. Yesterday the defence position kena attacked by enemy jialat jialat. Today sent out a few counter attack force but fail to engage enemy. Commanders are given instruction to engage at advantageous ground only. Don't find enemy there, withdraw. Conserve strength for another engagement.

    1. Sanye
      I saw you have a lot of Stamford ld. Buy some more ? Now drop below 50 cents liao

  5. Huh?! How did you see I had a lot of Stamford Land? Stamford Land is not even in my top 30 list? Wah you hacked into my system?

    Just kidding....

    There are quite a number of counters in my buy list and I try to do it slowly according to certain priority. Stamford Land will have its chance. :)

    1. Haha.
      Maybe I remember wrongly.

      Ohh ya. I have too many to buy. Not sure whether want to average down with this one.

      So ask you for your opinion.


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