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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Lazy Bum Retail Investors! Are You Also One Of Them?

True Story. Real Retail Investor.

He told Uncle8888 many times he wanted to seriously learn DIY investing from him.  

But, it is not after f...  him for months to track and measure his investment portfolio; he finally (reluctantly) produced a simplified and scale down version of his investment portfolio worksheet to show him last week.

DIY but hand off!

Read?  Measuring


  1. BTW, he is one of those silent readers here

  2. uncle. die die must fill in everything?

    i try to link the shareforum stock info to your q1 spreadsheet. well, sometime i try to save, then the excel spreadsheet got some problem then i need to restart my work again.

    1. DIY is hard work!

      Can't say give chance. That botak man is watching!

    2. He will appear here when he finished his stuff at his blog. We just need to be patient.

    3. CW,

      Your mei mei I won't touch one lah!

      I am more a jie jie kind of guy.

      Having said that, my market getting smaller with each passing year :(

      Your market getting bigger instead :)

      So with mei mei, you're turn into a bleeding heart.


    4. CW
      your creation sxxk. always not responsive and i need to redo again.

      well, so far. i only finished edit all the hyperlink...really hard work.


    5. Sweetness will come after all the hard work and sweat. You tell yr hubby to massage you. :-)

    6. I only able to update 3 stocks lo.
      Your creation really jalat. Always not responsive. Then I need to redo and redo again.

      You have simple and easier version not.

  3. Hi Bro 8888,

    Raise Hand. I am a lazy investor. I blog about it some years back. I hardly track my portfolio cause it's still very much the same after all these years.

  4. Hi bro8888,

    It's the same with some of my readers too. They mentioned they wanted to be a full time tutor, or learn some TA, or some FA. After many such people, I learnt that you can deter 99% by telling them how hard it is and always assign them work to do. After a few rounds of bombardment, most will approach the bell and ring it 3 times to give up.

    If there's no commitment and discipline to learn from others, you'll have to learn in your own way and your own method. No two ways about it.

    Btw, I just scared an A'lvl student away by telling him how hard it is. He's a repeat student, taking Alvl again during his NS. First lesson I told him how impossible his task is, considering that he only have about 2 months starting from scratch. Then I told him how others will need 2-3 tries as a private candidate before they can get the score they want - and the chances are not high. Third, I give him homework to do. Today he told me he will skip this year and prepare for the one next year LOL

    1. True.

      Now, we have one reality show in progress for DIY retail investor. Likely to be an excellent outcome,


    2. Latest update of Yeh's DIY challenge as of 10:49 PM last night:

      CW8888: She is excellent! Given an easier and alternate option; but she still stick to the tougher one. Clap clap clap!

      "i prefer the previous version.
      just that always hang and not responsive. donno why..

      but that spreadsheet you created. very good..i like that. i try to do it during weekend.
      today i have done 2 hour tutorial.."

      CW8888: Hard work. Really hard work. Who else want to be DIY investor? LOL!

    3. u should teach me go to share junction to create portfolio there. so easy.
      i stupid stupid go to manually update it and change all the hyperlink.

      so stupid me..waste so much time and efforts.

    4. Lesson 2 for DIY investors:

      SMOL: Trust but verify.

      Don't just take what "Gurus" say as universal truth and do what they tell you to do. When you find it too difficult and doesn't make any sense.

      Verify them.


    5. LOL!


      This one got potential. Can tell mountain what to do.

      The day will come to tell mountain what stocks to buy and at what price.

      Then go find own mountain (自立山头).

  5. CW,

    I want that spreadsheet! To see what is in it. But I dun want to update it. I am not lazy, I am unscrupulous investor lol

  6. ok.
    uncle, now update the portfolio in sharejunction already.
    then how to extract it to q1 spreadsheet? just simply copy and paste?

  7. One more step to go and we should be able to review your investment kung fu. Yellow or Green belt?


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