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Friday, 21 August 2015

Fight Mr. Market With One Hand or Both Hands? How does it matters???

Uncle8888 has been hearing it many times ...

Fight with one hand (Long only)

Fight with both hands! (Long and Short Traders)

How does it matters across market cycles of Bull and Bear?

Uncle8888 doesn't know what really matter?

But; he knows he has 10-year Target to meet and a job to do in the stock market.

Probably; he thinks the main difference may lie with the size of war chest and account. Long only retail investors will definitely require much larger account size and war chest than active long and short traders as long only retail investors will have to let both their cash and investment portfolio rotting heavily along their investing journey to earn those yearly dividends and some realized trading P/L. 

Efficiency and turnover of capital may be very low for long only investors. Unproductive capital at work?

BTW, there is no free lunch in the stock market. We need to sweat for it! Some time, it can be cold sweat!



  1. CW,

    Interesting choice of words - Long & Short.

    Change it to Entries & Exits.

    Never underestimate the power of words to "influence" our thinking.

    Ex-snake oil peddler

    1. Never underestimate the power of words to "influence" our thinking.

      It is NOT just "influence" our thinking. Try posting a few "seductive" and "convincing" blog posts on a few potential and promising investment return; you will soon have a large followers.

    2. CW,

      And that's why I don't.

      I'm a grasshopper; not a shepherd ;)

      Why would I want a flock of sheep for?

      Fleece and milk them? Lamp chops anyone?

      I wonder who said investing/trading is not something everyone and anyone can do it?


  2. CW,

    I prefer to fight with both hands because I'm not Ip man ;p


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