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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Reading this won't make you great! (Including financial and investment blogs)

Read? Reading this won't make you great! (Think it is a good time to re-read)

Real People. Real Sigh!

started in Jan 14, i started to read financial blog, learn about passive come. so then i invested in so called good dividend stock...

dunno la. ended minus out these few year earning..i still lose some money. 

sometime, i think..if me didn buy share..just save..i am richer than what i am now..
CW8888: So how?


  1. We have Market Timing.

    Think we have Reader Timing.

    Come to the cyber world and read at the wrong time can be jialiat to our pocket.

    What say you?

    1. That is why must be responsible to your writing. If keep thinking that you are always talking to yourself when your material is public, you may accidentally hurt someone.

      Of course, if you don't bother, then the above is just noise.

      That is why I follow your blog. Very responsible writing.

    2. Here I can't anyhow talk to myself!

      Among those silent readers are my daughter and her friends, my nieces and nephews (may be their friends too), long time get-together blog kakis, few invited ex-colleagues, and fewer invited current office colleagues.

      Beware of our silent readers! There are so many of them reading every blog post.

  2. SmK
    This one can't blame others also.

    We have to be responsible to our money. Not others.
    Lesson learnt. Don't blindly follow.

    1. We do hope readers learn. There is responsibility on both sides. Personal responsibility on the part of the reader and social responsibility on the part of the writer.

      If you claim social responsibility when you advise your friends in private, how can you relieve yourself of the same social responsibility in a public medium? Just because you nevet met your readers?

      I don't accept that.

      Uncle's thinking and behaviour is admirable to me because he goes out of his way to take that responsibility. Most out of all bloggers I read.

      I can sense that care. I'm a fan. He is not necessarily the smartest writer but I can feel his care and sense his wisdom.

      He also explains his reasons above.

    2. Too bad. My England no good or else can write e-book and earn passive income. My daughter has long ago gave up on helping me to improve on England. LOL!

    3. Most time, I don't even understand what uncle is writing. Probably I too stupid or what.

      So want to follow him to buy. Also hard.
      Hahaha a hah

  3. Somethings can not be shared by words or pictures alone.
    Eating salt more than you eat rice still applicable to most situations though you may be better educated in ABC & 123.
    Another words, "Experience counts" (Try explaining what was the feelings of being caught in a Bear market with all your money in). Have you experienced? And again, and again. Of course not all your money in the subsequent Bear markets. You know what to do already don't you? Of course you do if not you people don't seek you as "SIFU".

    So CW8888 no use explaining too much how "salty" you are by now.

    Don't agree?
    Ask "BOTAK" then!
    Err..... me not much different-Look ma! No need comb.

    Botak very salty also.
    Me? i think i am the saltiest among us 3
    Botak always says things in a salty but cute way.
    i like salty and cute.

    1. Do we realize some salty fish can be more expensive than fresh fish at the wet market?

    2. And some salty fishes taste really very nice if you know how to cook them.
      So aren't there are many salted fishes in a Bear market for sale, which were once fresh fishes in a Bull market?
      Yee..eeee! ! !
      Why so many salty ones?
      Money not enough to buy them all.

    3. Ya. Those salty fishes that came back alive!

  4. Salty fishes can be fresh fish again meh?
    Most probably they are fresh fishes then in bear market nobody wants then so the seller just sell as salty fishes price. But they are still fresh fishes.

    You have to understand. Salty fishes hard to become fresh fishes.

    I got a few in my fridge. You want I can show you.

    I keep maybe hope my salty fishes one day can become expensive salty fishes. Lol

  5. Can lah!
    Famous Chinese saying:- "Salted Fish Resurrection" (Literary translation).
    Problem is how do we know which salted fishes in the Bear market can do a "Salted Fish Resurrection" in a Bull market.
    And i think nobody really knows.
    We only can try our "best" to know.
    Even what you know now for sure is no guarantee it remains the same in the future.
    Like oil may not be the main form of energy in future.
    Yes? No?
    If not i will put all my money in K. CORP OR SCI. soon enough.


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