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Saturday, 22 August 2015

After A Few Market Cycles ... Did More Veterans Learnt Something???

That was posted on 25 Jul 2015!

Read? You Can't Predict. You Can Prepare - Updated on 25 Jul 2014

Just about everything is cyclical.

Nothing goes in one direction forever.

Tree’s don’t grow to the sky. 

Few things go to zero.

Cycles always prevail eventually.

- Howard Marks

 Real Life Lesson Mr. Market has taught Uncle8888.

 Just about everything is cyclical. 

 Nothing goes in one direction forever.

Tree’s don’t grow to the sky.  

Let zoom and see it more clearly when he didn't think of it too much.


Now what did you see from the above three images?

So shiok!

Sitting on large paper gains and receiving fat dividends. Dividends are real cash. Don't play play!

Just about everything is cyclical. 

When the Party was over ...

Great pains when doses of panadols also can't ease the headache and heartache!

Giving back large paper gains and realized losses to Mr. Market!

Few things go to zero.

Cycles always prevail eventually. 

Will Uncle8888 do better this time since he has prepared for it?

Let see how bad can it be?



  1. Dividends are never sure thing. In bad time, we put in more but still receive less. Sianz thing!

  2. wah uncle,
    you predict market will go so low? i am sitting 15% paper loss currently.
    my dividend + realised gain only able to cover 50% of my paper losses.

    started to buy yesterday. now think my cash less than 20% of my portfolio now.

    quite depressed. hahahaha

    1. Some stress or depression in investing is not bad for us as it teaches realism!

  3. CW,


    Mine was beginner's luck in making money before 2000, and losing most of it and more during the nasty bear of 2000-2003.

    This 2008 GFC was strong in intensity, but only 1 year plus in duration...

    Most newbies in this up cycle have never experienced what's it like to go through 3 years of lower highs and lower lows... Each time you think the market is going up, it seduces you with a bear market rally only to trap more of our limited funds until we reach our capitulation point...

    Veterans who survived have our own tales of epiphany ;)

    Cash "rotting in bank" is also an asset allocation strategy.


    1. May be I got chance to continue with tutorials for PhD in Stock Market after graduating with Masters in Stock Market in 2010.

      This time, all readers can read tutorials online. LOL!

      Read? Hey! Are you good at stocks? (3)

  4. uncle also reads a wide variety of investing people ah.

    i dont like rotting in bank asset allocation strategy.
    i like to rotate. gold and western world bond prices have rallied 3-5% the past 1 month.
    take care of rate hike though.
    sitting in usd is also ok so far.

    only when there is 0 options, then mr yusof ishak will go sit in the bank.

    1. Fortunately, seniors above 55 like me have an advantage of bond like CPF OA. hee hee

      Gold? Be better at speculation. I learned from Grand Old Master who is 80+ who has invested and speculated since he was young. Gold, silver, oil, forex, stocks otherwise stay with investment class that provides cash flow as panadols.

    2. "Fortunately, seniors above 55 like me have an advantage of bond like CPF OA. hee hee"

      true. i always enjoyed your qualification of what you say.

      i don't like physical gold. i only use proxies or derivatives.
      i also don't like panadols that ignore the real issue. i feel that it is somewhat similar to lying to myself.

  5. possible to reach 2100 by end of year?

    1. It is like asking Parrot to pick up 4D numbers. Die die must give a number. OKay. Based on Uncle8888's special crystal charting on past Bear days-period.

      This Bear or Correction may be in range from 70 days to 387 days. LOL!


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