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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Profit Mastery Seminar

Breaking News! Dr Tan Kee Wee have accepted our invitation to be our event's Guest Speaker! 

He is a very sought after economic speaker in the finance industry and has been featured many times on MediaCorp 938Live's Money Talk. His ability to simplify complex economic trends into simple lay man terms is legendary. Register early to avoid disappointment!   
Find out more? Profit Mastery Seminar
With this breaking news, Uncle8888 is accepting the invitation to attend this event; otherwise he will give it a miss. This is self-interest and Uncle8888 is supporting it!
Read? Self Interest vs. Vested Interest??? (2)
Now, you may know why it has taken him so long to put up this blog post after other supporting bloggers have put up their support for this event.
For self-interest, you may want to book early for the 50% discount as the discount may end sooner than 1 Sep 2015!
 Sep 27th 2015 | $20 |Sunday | NTUC Auditorium | 1pm

Register now to enjoy early bird discount and Goodies!



  1. Glad you approve of it! We are always constantly looking out to maximize value our readers and students. Hope this round we don't disappoint. thanks again for all the support and looking forward to meeting both of you again! Roland

  2. objectively, i would like to say... buay zhun leh.


    i also viewed this talk with a suspicious eye seeing it is from

    not least because the logos are all generic logos from logo selling websites.

    1. In the market, we just need to make more when we are zhun and lose less when buay zhun can liao. In long run, it it more about NOT losing; we will be okay and that is why I don't have sop losses and still surviving till today market closing. LOL!

  3. For those of us who are going to this seminar not "empty-handed", its an opportunity challenge our current investing thesis - especially if our views differ from the speakers.

    It's definitely not to blindly follow what others say.

    We all have our blindspots and biases ;)

    Sometimes it is to fade what the speakers say; sometimes its to give us pause if we all think alike - we suffer from group think?


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