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Tuesday 11 August 2015

Self Interest vs. Vested Interest???

Help yourself and knows the difference between self interest and vested interest !

Here is Self Interest!

Those hobbyist bloggers like Uncle8888 talked about self interest. 

No hidden agenda. No snake oil selling. No vested interest!

Made money. A moment of happiness!

Lose money. Eat Panadols to ease headache and heartache.

So far, Uncle8888 has three close conversation (actually should be self confession session) with real retail trader/investor and realized that we have to be very careful when listening before parting tuition fee to the well known. Just because they are well known, they appeared often in the newspapers and TV; they may have inspired you so much; but does it work for you is definitely different thing!

Remember 3Ms - Method. Mind and Money Management!

Real People. Real Story

1. He graduated from School of ChartWhatEverWin; but he was still losing money. 

How come? 

So he decided to met up with Uncle8888; Was he disappointed after the meeting?

There is no Secret Sauce from Uncle88888. How to believe?

2. She graduated from School of Make10,000Millionaires and hoped to make enough to supplement her family expenses and becomes stay-at-home-mum. She didn't became millionaire and she gave UP!

3. She graduated from the same school as No 1 i.e. School of ChartWhatEverWin; but she was still losing money. So she thought that this School is not powerful enough. She paid for even higher course fee to attend Singapore's branded one. An Academy standard that was taught by millionaire trader and author himself. Don't play play. 

Armed with two "degrees" from the different School; she also couldn't make it. She now followed Uncle8888's simple method in long run investing. 

Patience and Discipline!

Got free time and hand too itch. Go and bake cakes!


  1. CW,

    That was fast!

    For those following you "blindly", serve them right.

    Now they have to blanco out "Goal Based Investing Approach", and change it to "Patience and Discipline" ;)

    Hee, hee.

  2. heh bonus question: which of these 2 schools have been promoted by a famous blogger?
    which blogger is now promoting the halfdozenpeople offshoot of 10000 millionaires
    (they quarreled and left. inspired a recent facebook post by 10000m)

    when you given up, they go on to find new ground with people disheartened by nayjeeb

    nice snipe smol! hahaha

    still i stick by uncle's insistence on measurement, just that i dont use it to set goals.


    1. SMK,

      Here's the counter-balance:


      It's interactions with people like you and CW that make me grow intellectually stronger.

      We don't come here empty handed; we leave here with more than what we brought with us ;)

    2. foul! that one intangible leh

    3. 1) SMK,

      That's the opposite tadpole to your Bill Gates Tao symbol ;)

      If we only stick with measuring what can be measured, we run the risk of ignoring the intangibles... We can''t measure happiness, is it not important to you? Hee Hee.

      2) CW,

      How do you set goals on Patience and Discipline?

      You yourself asked how to improve Discipline?

      There! How to know you have improved or regressed?

      Are Patience and Discipline not "intangibles" too?


  3. I like this: Patience and Discipline. I can't bake cake, when got nothing to do, I go brew Chinese tea.

    1. That where you have to teach us leh. IMHO, understanding fully the mechanism will help to take away the anxiety.

      Otherwise, go do something else: bake a cake, brew a pot of Wulong Tea, fishing... etc.

  4. I think sometimes the teache or the method might not be right for the student. These kind of things, have to try out to know. Sometimes we stumble upon the road to success by eliminating the paths that are wrong ;)

    1. sometimes that's true.

      and sometimes, you follow what they teach,
      you don't succeed but others who buy from them,
      on paper, can portfolio grow 400% in 4 months.

      so you wonder if you are doing it wrong,
      or must really get them to do it for you
      or the paper cannot withdraw too much, otherwise it will tear.

    2. The only problem when the students got back to them for further advice - you didn't follow the method correctly! Others can.Why you can't.


    3. Lol because instead of just buying course to follow from 10000m, they buy investment from 10000m that can 400% up in 4 months.

  5. discipline = when you buy. many like to buy at high
    patience = when you sell. many like to sell at low
    or the other way? :)


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