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Friday 14 August 2015

Exploring Taiwan - Taipei Round 1 (Bitan (碧潭) - The Day After Typhoon Soudelor in Taiwan )

 Read? Exploring Taiwan - Taipei Round 1 (Catching Sunset at Tamsui)

Named Green Lake in Chinese, this park is a great getaway from the city. Only 40 minutes away from Taipei Main Station at the southern terminus of the MRT green line, Xindian Station (新店), this riverfront park is home to a wide variety of restaurants and is a great place to relax.

Red Brick Wall Art

Uncle8888 supposed to climb up the Hill to see Bitan from the hilltop ...

Path block ahead!

When we realized stepping on fallen green leaves was quite slippery; we gave up the climb and returned back to river.

This is what Uncle8888 supposed to see ... 

Spanning over the Xindian River is the Bitan Suspension Bridge connecting the two neighborhoods on the east and west side of the creek, making it one of the landmarks of New Taipei City. 200 meters long, the bridge was completed in 1936, the bridge is unique in that it is illuminated by light beams that change in color, creating a random effect and mini light-show.

But the day after Typoon ...

Green River became Yellow River!

This is what Uncle8888 supposed to see ... 

Beautiful riverside walkway.

But the day after Typoon ...


  1. The Moral Story for life lesson : Our life may be like beautiful Green River now; but when "Typoon" unfortunately hit our life it suddenly turned into Yellow River.

    Enjoy while it is Green!

    1. Hey!

      That's grasshopper language there!

      Glad you are enjoying yourself now; not waiting until 65 ;)

      Not so easy to climb the hills and stairs right?

      I'm a decade younger than you I already can feel "something" in my left knee when I go down the stairs from an overhead bridge...

      Some body parts are already showing signs of wear and tear :(

    2. True. Going down hill or stairs is putting stress on the knee. That why many people choose to walk backward when coming down from Bukit Timah Hill. :-)

    3. Same as seeking financial independence. Those retirees going down the hill are also feeling the "stress" as energy are depleting as time passes.

      Up Hill can be tiring on the our knee; but down hill is stressful on our knee.

      Stress is worse than tiring. Right?

    4. CW,

      I think our bantering has taken to a whole new different level ;)

      What a pleasure!


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