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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

"Got heart" will find one...

SMOL:  "Got heart" will find one... 
True Story. One Reader who has the heart to find it and what it took for him to find it. 
On  2/3/11

Wishing u a Happy and Prosperous New Year

Hi CW8888,
I hope you wouldn't mind me calling you CW8888, as I saw how others address you. And this way I can identify you better with your blog.
I was struck by your name, the 2 processes of Long Term and short term trading are mentioned and these are what I've been struggling with since I began.
I have a portfolio meant for long term and another for short term trading.
Yes, I have been meausring my results. Trading was not great last year, does not meet my goal of what I set out to get per month, on the average. Part of the problem is I'm still a newbie, just starting out. Did not trade frequent enough. I tried to be a Positional Trader, not a Contra trader. I think I know where the mistakes are, those counters were definitely not mentioned in your blog, not blue chip calibre and they are still bleeding. Still have not cut loss yet.
I used "profit" and now I have changed to "Return on Capital" and "Total Return on Capital" to include the dividend received for the portfolio, after I saw how you measured yours. Thanks for sharing, this is very kind and very generous of you.
Actually, the results can be measured very easily also, against my livelyhood. I think I won't be able to get another similar-paying job after this, in fact getting a job at all would be a real challege for me. I happen to be in a sunset industry far too long. Not much portable skills for next one and not young any more. I had a "complete resume" couple of years back, they said your resume is not complete until you are retrenched once. A few of them go into trading. One succeeded and now working as a remisier. Another I would say did not because he started working again last year.
I have been tracking NetWorth for a couple of years, lumping the portfolio in there. This year, I'm going to track the performance of this portfolio by itself as well.
I still remembered how painful it was to see the value plunged in the midst of last financial crisis in 2008/2009. I was lucky to get some at the bottom and also unlucky to sell some of the very good blue chip too soon and never get them back.
Just to say little bit more about myself, I have already paid up my HDB by 37, does not own a car, 2 young children in school here,  and I also have similar goal, financial independence. If I'm successful, I will achieve that by 50.
I'm digesting your pillow stock strategy...
On  2/7/11
How he spent his Chinese New Year holidays ...

Look forward to what you may write about the 2 processes


Hi Uncle8888,

I'm looking forward to what you may write, about the theme in your blog, Long Term investment and Short Term trading.

I had first guessed you must have some background in Financials or Accounting, from the way you use those financial formulas and the excel data, charts and the top level summary and the ultimate measurement. Before I see you using CAGR, I measure the yearly Net Asset change over the base year and also yearly change.

Yep, I used the same hard way when going through your blogs during these New Year holidays, keep hitting the older blogs and sometimes have to start from the top of that month's blog to go down to the one I last read. I think I'm about 90+% done. Phew, you have written so much and so well.

Not a single morning went by without me thinking how I would start the day when I lost my current job and have to start trading to earn a living...

What you wrote about getting out of the rat race, getting the mind flip by the book Rich Dad Poor Dad ( my mind was first flipped by the book Millionaire Next Door), made redundant and thank you by the company when we are 40+ and older (happened to me when I was 39 and on the way up in the rat race), strike a very resonant chord in me.


Wishing us a very lucky year in the market.


  1. Now, you may know why I linked all the past related blog posts so that you don't have to suffer the hard way like him - "keep hitting the older blogs and sometimes have to start from the top of that month's blog to go down to the one I last read."

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    1. well, my office the IT system damn funny.
      i move my mouse over there and try to brings me to some complicated message box to fill in some funny things.

      at home, i can get your email.

      not i stupid ohh..ok?

    2. Bad news. You tio tracked in yr office. Office hours eat snake and chatting in blog. Be careful hor.

      True story. Once there was one man was caught chatting with us in the cbox by his boss. Later he disappeared and never chat anymore.

    3. yes. now lose money in share. cant afford to lose the job.

      really dont play play liao.

      thank you. uncle


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