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"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." - Aristotle

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Sunday 30 August 2015

Boss: "Did you see those dusty coffee tables there?"


Reminded me of a story my ex-Taiwan boss told me about our furniture showroom sales colleagues in China.

Saw a coffee table dusty so Boss told the sales staff to clean it. That particular coffee table got cleaned.

Next day, other furniture pieces dusty no one cleaned them... :(


Okay. Simple but not easy! 

Can be done?

Got Heart?

Dusty Coffee Table 1: Education - Investing made simple

Timing is important and luck too. But; some time when we look back hard enough; we may realize that when we are well prepared and ready at the right moment suddenly luck came. 

What a lucky moment!

Looking at our individual stocks; we will one day or some days or many months break our heart!

Why do we keep staring at some Trees; but miss our amazing Forest that will be there for decades to come?

Dusty Coffee Table 3: Portfolio Management

Uncle8888's Winning strategy. Once you have mastered this strategy. You can be sure you will be sleeping soundly for the next few decades; but you must be younger than him to do that.

Dusty Coffee Table 4: Pillow Stocks

Uncle8888 started blogging in Dec 2006 and no secret talks in the office. All know that he is very active in the stock market; even few bosses openly said: "Stocks? Go and ask him". LOL! 

Now; you may know why he is condemned at office; but some colleagues openly call him Sifu or Master!

As an old uncle grade blogger; over the years he has this privilege to personally hear with his own ears; and read with his own eyes on many true stories that were told to him.  

Real retail investors who have lost big and so big that they eventually brought misery and pains to themselves with their own doing!

This dusty coffee table. You better clean it properly!

Beware of Encik CW8888 who is coming to check Area Cleaning!

Uncle8888's Sifu wise words: "It is far better to REGRET not making more than to feel SORRY of losing our hard earned money!".

This is definitely aligned to our human nature and biasness.

When we cannot resist it then we should follow it!

Be like rain water; follow it down stream to whatever it goes!

Read? Loss Aversion


  1. Dont forget dusty table "grow active income" for the young!! Lol

  2. Goal based investing strategy my foot!

    Readers may want to buy me a drink (if you see me) for flushing out CW's true higher level kung fu.

    Hee hee,

    But most of the credit should go to that mei mei.

    Silly me!

    If I only knew 女色 works so well against CW, it would have saved me years of poking!!!

    1. mei mei is not stupid hor!

      She seriously thought uncle is another financial planning adviser secretly pushing 3% yield product. She already on Red Alert!

    2. CW,

      I actually quite envious of her.

      I can kick and poke you. But there's certain words I am too respectful of you to say it out loud! Ha ha!

      I liked the way she took responsibility too for her actions ;)

      3% yield, can wait 20 years don't touch, and no downside - you and I know what product that is. But when people mix politics with math, politics usually wins!

      防人之心不可无。 See? Told you she got potential ;)

    3. lol i am a bad ball catcher.


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