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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Working Part Time During School Days???

Uncle8888 started working part-time as stall helper at wet market stall selling eggs when he was in Primary 6 and continued to take up various part-time or odd tasks when became available till JC (Now we call it). 

During his school holidays, he worked at "full time" hours at whatever part-time or odd  tasks that came along.

He worked for needs!

Do you think he enjoyed every bits of these part time works?

All of his three children also worked "PAST-time" during their O and A Level school holidays but not for money. They were quite happy and proud of their school holidays jobs.

See the difference!


  1. Need to work and Want to work. That is World of difference.

    Primary reason for many aspiring for financial independence. Turning Need to work into Want to work.


  2. That is the reason why you strive for financial independence and your children don't (or not yet).

    They enjoy their work, so why worry too much when Ah Pa has $$$ :D?

    1. Parents can be Assets or Liabilities.

      It is quite certain that those finance/investment bloggers when they become parents they are not liabilities.


  3. B,


    You the best!

    You took the words out of my mouth ;)

  4. i need to invest if not successful, is there a chance to turn into a want?
    If successful, when this need turns into a want?
    Or i have enough?
    i can shake legs now?
    Or i am still trying very hard?
    Which is which?
    i am confusing myself.
    Do you know (for you) is it a need or a want already?

    1. Average retirees need to invest.

      Super rich retirees want to invest.

      Young folks want and need to invest.



  5. Correction.
    Young folks need to invest.
    They can't afford as a want.
    Only Super Rich can choose as a want.

  6. CW,

    Your hardwork earlier for needs, meant that now you or your children can also work “past time” for leisure. Or you still work like a “Pig”?

    At least your children still work and be proud to past time, not just to laze their time away during the whole holiday. That is commendable already!



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