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"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them." - Aristotle

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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Uncle, Have you executed in real estate as good as in stocks???

or the more common question asked: "You invest in property?"

Uncle8888 is 100% Stock Whore operating in Singapore Stock Exchange only!

Someone told him he should try Ang Moh's ones. 

Ang Moh's ones sibei tua kee! 

They can simulate tua tua and xiao xiao super fast. 

Sibei shiok!

 Read? Wise Words Series - Part 2

9. Your fortune will come from your focus - focus on one market or one technique.

A jack of all trades will never become a winning trader. Why? Because a trader must zero in on the markets, paying attention to the details of trading without allowing his emotions to intervene.

A moment of distraction is costly in this business. Lack of attention may mean you don't take the trade you should, or neglect a trade that leads to great cost.

Focus, to me, means not only focusing on the task at hand but also narrowing your scope of trading to either one or two markets or to the specific approach of a trading technique.

Have you ever tried juggling? It's pretty hard to learn to keep three balls in the area at one time. Most people can learn to watch those 'details' after about 3 hours or practice. Add one ball, one more detail to the mess, and few, very few, people can make it as a juggler. It's precisely that difficult to keep your eyes on just one more 'chunk' of data.

Looks at the great athletes - they focus on one sport. Artists work on one primary business, musicians don't sing country western and Opera and become stars. The better your focus, in whatever you do, the greater your success will become.


While many may choose to focus on Method; but Uncle8888 rather focus more on Mind and Money. At least, these are two M's that he can still exercise some control over them. He can choose to play at his own time and own target.

What matters most is that he has enough wealth for his Retirement Income For Life strategy. Method is not the Key!

Wealth = Asset Value + Cash Flow


  1. CW,


    It's already hard enough to compete with younger and more virile young men.

    Now even older uncle also want to join the whoring trade!!!???

    What the ...?

    Eh! This is my corner. Find your own corner.

    Buay tahan. Must change line now.

    1. Oh! How can I leave without a poke?

      Your this post is very good example of: Less analysis; more investing (you compliment me; I compliment you)

      If one is always planning and living in the future, how to be focused on one market or technique if we are not in the here and now?

      Hee hee.

    2. Geylang is a long street with many Lorongs.

      Big enough. No?

    3. CW,

      Oh! You play at Geyland one. No problem, carry on!

      I "tik toh" at Orchard Towers.That's near where I started at 16 - Metro Orchard ;)

      Cool. No direct competition.

      I've never explored Geyland in my youth. Making up for lost time since my return. Didn't know there were so many interesting Buddhist 道场 there!

      I guess it made sense. Lotus flower blooms from the mud.

    4. Yin and Yang of Geylang. When we leave it to nature; Geylang is no exception!

  2. Yes many Lorongs. Same as there are more than one roads leading to Rome. Just keep on walking and not lost sight of Rome. i mean the Lorongs of Geylang lead you to Rome?

    1. Just keep walking and don't stop to ask how much. We will not lose sight of Rome!


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