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Wednesday 5 November 2014

The Myth Of The Bell Curve: Look For The Hyper-Performers (2)

Read? The Myth Of The Bell Curve: Look For The Hyper-Performers

Today, Uncle8888 happened to meet one long time never met ex-colleague and went for coffee. 

He was once a high flyer climbing corporate ladder and not even a graduate.

But, today, he told Uncle8888 that he believes he has hit his ceiling. His last year performance appraisal has not been good. He believe his age is the factor and not the job performance.

Uncle8888 told him it is about time to switch his energy to seriously focus on growing his wealth from his Financial Assets and see "Open".

This is the fact of life in corporation. When you are not Horse; then you are either Cow or Pig. 

An investment savvy Pig is the best when the Horse stops galloping!

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  1. Sometime we have to be honest with ourselves and avoid self-denial. Not all of us can climb the corporate ladder right to the Top.

  2. Hi CW,

    You are so right. Someday our salary will stagnate, and it is hoped that our investments can provide some supplementary income.

    At least that's what I'm hoping for.

  3. The day when CAGR on our Human Asset failed to improve ; we will need to depend on CAGR on our Financial Assets to create wealth.

  4. CW8888 : Very true... There is always an "expiry date" to the growth of our human asset, switching focus/gear is the wise advice ;-)

    1. We are not aware of expiry date. It is not written or label. :-(

    2. Hahahaha, it js invisible.. But I know ur expiry date, which is still veryyyyyyyy long lol


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