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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Why set a 10-Year Investing Goal???

Did you set yourself for long-term investing goals 


actually it is Mr Market who forces you into long-term investing?

Uncle8888 is likely to hear or read something like this: "It is for long term ..."

Same time frame with a long term view. Right?

Watch what he does and not what he talks!

What does long-term investing Goals mean?

Don't worry.  It is still 7 years away! 

Why set a 10-Year Investing Goals?

If we happen to fail in one market cycle; we can learn from our own investing mistakes and hopefully redeem ourselves in the next market cycle.


  1. Those stocks that can never bounce back becomes long term.

    Keep and hide inside the mattress.

  2. For male investors, I thought it is hiding them as mistresses and not letting wife know about our big losses. LOL!

  3. Talking about long-term, my wife knows all my mistresses but not much about darlings. Do you have a long-term mistress as long as IPO time some 20+ years ago?

    1. My late father-in-law kept his mistresses to his last day and let his his sons send off his mistresses. Some mistresses more than 40 years!

    2. Those ugly mistresses never recover but written down as "profit" sharing among his sons.

      Don't worry. It will become somebody's gains one day if we keep losing stocks long enough. LOL!


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