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Monday, 24 November 2014

Save more than 60%. No need to invest??? (2)

Read? Save more than 60%. No need to invest???

After hearing someone with $5.2M and lost $1m punting in the stock market; she is not wrong in not investing as she had enough to retire with an asset draw down strategy.

How many of us actually feel the sharp pain of inflation impact?

Likely, most of us will get over the price hike after a few rounds of purchase.

Do you feel painful when you eat $3 chicken rice now?

But, when you lost large sum of money, it can be painful for many years whenever you think of it. Some even chop fingers and never ever touch it again!



  1. Inflation won't make us bankrupt. Moment of greed and stupidity in our financial decisions will!

  2. Salary increment usually covers inflation. But moment of stupidity no one bail us out.

  3. Inflation? What inflation? If my assets can last me 25-30 years and then some.
    And so,
    If i have 5million $, i will still invest in the market. But.......what is the moral of the story?

    Moral of the story
    Don't take more risk than you need to accomplish your goals. It makes zero sense to take one iota more risk than you need to. If you can win the game with 4%, be happy. You're fortunate if that's all you need to make. You can invest very conservatively. You don't have to take a lot of risk. That's a good thing. Don't get mad at yourself because you're only making 6% when you could make 20%. Instead, be happy that making 6% exceeds your hurdle rate.

    1. Why some foundations and insurance companies are parking large amount of their fund in government bond earning low return and lower than inflation rate?

      They are financially stupid? Are they?


  4. Don't remind me whether i am stupid or not leh?
    i am the family money manager and i let my wife money sitting in CPF though she has an active CPFIS.
    The only one lot of stock i bought for her is SGX to keep CPFIS "intact".
    i even let her opt out of CPF LIFE scheme but i opt in.
    Our generation,we have a choice to opt in or out.
    I am quite stupid and Kiasi isn't it?
    What to do?
    No more HC for both of us.
    And we try our best not to be forced to work in "BIG MAC" or "KFC" or somewhere.

    1. Sometime it is better to be financially "stupider" to sleep better at nights than trying to be smart all the time to make ALL our money works harder.


    2. temperament,

      That's an interesting hedge!

      One opt in; one opt out ;)

    3. SMOL,

      My wife opt out because her CPF LIFE payment is so much lower than mine relatively speaking. And yes i intentionaly use her RA as an emergency fund just in case----touch wood.
      And why not as long as the G is paying 4 to 5 % on RA?
      i mean it is the last fund to be drawn on as a last resort for daily living.
      So plus my CPF Life , we hope at least no matter how we have some food on the table for us.

  5. At times, it is wise to practice some loss aversion... I know where you get that 'story" from ;-)

    1. Actually it's not a story, it's really happening to many people who want to get richer and richer, faster and faster to where? Don't ask me. i really don't know. i only know i have to meet His Grace one of this day. And i pray that it will be a fine day.

    2. The Moral of Story ..

      Knowing how much is enough for us. We can side step that greed in us. The moment of greed and stupidity can kill us.


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