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Sunday, 2 November 2014

True Investing Stories of Young Noob and Auntie Noob???

Read? Time Factor in Saving vs. Investing???

Let continue with another two true stories ..

Young Noob in his mid 20s and started trading/investing in year 2006.

He got himself educated in both TA and FA. He didn't just read books on TA; he also paid course fee to attend training by professional and graduated from School of ChartWhatEverWin.

He also mixed up around with those like-minded in forums and cboxes.

Do you need to guess what happened to his investment portfolio by Mar 2009?

No. Right?

Uncle8888 last heard from him that he has learned to stay out of market and quietly building up his new War Chest for the next Bear-Bull cycle.

Auntie Noob in her mid 30s came in 2009 to ask one question: 

"Can we make money in the stock market?"

The answer to her is Why not?


Auntie Noob doesn't really get herself educated much on TA or FA. 

Simple TA charting is still okay for her. She could understand. 

Those cheem cheem TA indicators she couldn't understand. She just stayed away from them.

She even told Uncel8888 that she doesn't bother herself with FA and reading those pages of financial statements made her "headache." 

In short, she bochap!

She just played round after round from 2009 to end 2011? or mid 2012? (if Uncle8888 remembered it correctly) on market's famous names like Semb Corp, Semb Marine, Keppel Corp, Capitaland, etc collecting round after round of profits and dividends; and smiling to the bank.

Her highest winning profits came from her 18 Rounds in Keppel Corp!

Auntie Noob may be noob in stock market but not noob in instinct!

Auntie Noob has the natural instinct as fisherman knowing that low tide you can't do fishing. She has been staying out of the stock market with 9X% cash as War Chest for the next Bear-Bull cycle.

So what is the Moral of Story?



  1. Invest young?

    Market timing and time in the market?

  2. Not so young noob now (in 30s) has to slowly build up his new War Chest from saving from earned income.

    Auntie Noob-Less now (in 40s) has larger war chest and wondering what is holding up Mr. Bear?

  3. Hi Uncle CW,

    Always feels good to call you Uncle and makes me young.

    Investing is an art not science, u don't quantify it - Peter Lynch

    Auntie Noob belongs to that category (I thought you wrote Auntie Boobs initially) ...hahaha LOL

    1. Not surprising. You are still young!

      Read somewhere young mind thinking of sex few times a day.

    2. Hi Uncle CW,

      Ah... Calling uncle or auntie is a respect. No means of offence! :-)

      Just like a son / daughter in the eyes of their parents are always young teenager even if they already married with kids big enough. But that is not important, important is the mutual respect.

      You are always the uncle in blog space, and we are always teenager... Because we respect you as big uncle... Nothing to do with age.. More on wisdom.. Hahahaa

      You agree?

    3. Remember not to call that Speaker on that day "Uncle" as respect or wisdom hor.

    4. Which one... Hahahaha... I got it.
      Will call him master not uncle.
      But I still call you uncle (in my heart)!

    5. Rolf,

      I undergoing male menopause.

      Very sensitive (and emotional) hor.

      Call me "yan eh" will do ;)

    6. Ok, I will exercise prudent and not so "big mouth" sorry to all...CW and SMOL "Xiao Di Zhi Cuo!"

      Haha "Yan eh" ..really nostalgic.. Sounds like clock turn back to 80/90s when we address people with all these funny terms! Ok I call you "Yan Dao Ko! - handsome paste!

    7. SMOL is the Man from Clock 80/90 and still love it. Right?

    8. CW,

      Teenager in the 80s; early twenties in the 90s. Who doesn't remember their prime days?

      I'll give up every cent I have now to be 18 again!!!

      Who cares about money when I have youth?

    9. 18? NS?

      You have a good time in NS har?

    10. Yup.

      Pec C. Ammo storeman. Posted to 9 RITC reservist unit at Taman Jurong.

      NS is where I learned how to use a PC as store accounting NCO. It's where I learnt about Group Dynamics and applied my EQ.

      Good times!

  4. Animals have their mating seasons.
    Not surprise, (Read somewhere young mind thinking of sex few times a day.) human beings no need any seasons. So there, we are the largest "animal" population on Earth and still exploding.

    1. In Singapore, they are still firing blanks. Where got explosion?

  5. And why only aunty, i am sure there are quite a lot of uncles too.
    The more you know about the market (more experienced, asset allocation, etc..) the more you are afraid to invest. The more afraid you are, the less you invest therefore the less you make or lost money lol. There is no 2 ways about it.
    My 2 cents.

    1. Why only aunties?

      Aunties think it is safe to ask noob questions here.

      Uncles may feel too lao jiao to ask noob questions?

      So we have Auntie Noob story. LOL!

    2. Ah... most man "se toh ai mien tze".

  6. The moral of story is "act like auntie when comes to investing" lol

    1. Yes! have you heard of " Analysis Paralysis" " Too much of a good thing can be bad".
      After a certain due diligence if you still hesitate then, " Analysis Paralysis" lol ???

  7. Hi Uncle CW (follow the rest), why mid 30s already auntie? :S My thoughts when I read this article is to follow own instincts and own methods, anyone can do it!

    1. Aunties or uncles are what children and teenagers call them. LOL

  8. (A) Did Auntie Noob know something that most of us don't know?

    (B) Most of us already know like Auntie Noob?

    What do you think?

    (A) or (B)?

  9. i go for (A) .
    She knows that fighting a war on paper is not the same as fighting a war on the field.


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