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Friday 14 November 2014

Smart Money Grabbers over dummy investors (7)

Read? Smart Money Grabbers over dummy investors (6)

Read? Forex Investors May Face $1 Billion Loss as Trade Site Vanishes

CW8888: Many people like testimonials. Right?

Be honest with yourself, do you also believe in our local blog space on those testimonials and newspapers' Ads?

Video Testimonials 


Secure’s website included 54 video testimonials, supposedly from investors; a six-minute infomercial; and three animated cartoons.

One testimonial is from a bearded man wearing a jacket and tie. After introducing himself as Michael, he praises Secure in an 80-second video. He says he’s pleased with his return on investment.

“Every year, I’ve watched my ROI grow,” he says. “I’m getting closer and closer to my retirement goals. They take all the stress out of it.”

Michael is actually Al Eddy from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Eddy, 42, who has recorded video endorsements for a fee, says he was hired by an intermediary for Secure and paid $20 to perform as Michael. He says he’s never invested with Secure, nor traded forex nor even purchased a share of stock. Nothing he said in his endorsement is true, Eddy says, adding that he no longer does testimonials. 

‘Actors Lie’ 


“I’m an actor; actors lie for a living,” says Chuck Hall, another paid performer who did a testimonial for Secure. In his endorsement, Hall, 64, of Fernandina Beach, Florida, didn’t give any name.

He told viewers he easily withdrew money from Secure.

“Had no problem at all doing that,” he says in the video. “I’m thinking now about investing in forex again. I think they’re pretty dependable.” Hall now says Secure’s intermediary paid him $4 and gave him a script. “I don’t even know what forex is,” he says.


  1. Normally I give 50% discount what they said in the video. Commonsense tell me it is bias testimony.

    Do you ever hear about negative testimony about the investment outcome in their videos?

    Statistically 10% may has achieved some positive results, but 90% don't. So , they show you the 10% and hide the 90%.

  2. Anyone notice one Forex Guru now switching to teaching kids on mind thing?

    1. Die on 'disastrous" dead?


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