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Thursday, 13 November 2014

3 Huge Reasons You Shouldn’t Pay for Your Child’s University Education???

Read? 3 Huge Reasons You Shouldn’t Pay for Your Child’s University Education

Uncle8888 strongly agreed on "You shouldn't send your child for overseas university education if you can't really afford it."

Read? Sending Your Kid To Overseas University Education

Read? Funding Your Child’s University in the Future?

Don't want to pay for your child's university education???



1. Stay Single!

2. Married but F... and fires blanks always and at all times!!!



  1. Ha ha!

    Caught you CW!!!

    The post is about not paying for your child's university education if we are already struggling to fund our own retirement - and it even gave a local U example.

    Now why you cherry-pick and change it to OVERSEAS university education?

    A Freudian slip.

    My guess is that one of your child did approached you and you said no can do....


    1. Caught simi?

      As parents, we should be responsible for our child's LOCAL university education and start planning early!

      I have been telling my three children to get scholarship if they want to go for overseas study.

      Local university education I have three endowment fund. One fund for each child.

      Limpeh responsible for your uni fund. LOL!

    2. CW,

      OK, OK.

      Then your post not very provocative leh...

      The author you quoted makes sense - take care of yourself first before taking care of others ;)

      Even if we can afford local university for our children, if we are serious about imparting financial literacy skills to them - what better way than to ask our children to fund their own university themselves?

      1) Some will discover they may have entrepreneur skills they never knew.

      2) By working part-time and during vacations, once they graduate, they may have an edge in knowing what they want to do or have working experience over those that don't.

      3) Plan Z (if child is very average) is is to lend them a no interest university load from sugar daddy that has to be paid once they graduate. The child learns about good debt bad debt, the parent gets back his capital so cannot use psychological blackmail on his children in future!


    3. To be honest, most of my time as teenager I always asking how laupeh so poor. I am not going to be poor like him. LOL!

    4. My children can decide to follow the way of Ah Kong or Ah Pa!


    5. CW,

      There you go!

      That's why you are where you are today ;)

      Fire in your belly!

  2. CW8888 : hahahaha... so cheeky in your How # 2... lol

  3. 20+years ago, my girlfriend (now wife) borrow $65K from her mother to study in Uk.

    she paid it back in full plus interest after working for 3 years.

    The motivation for her is different. Die die she has to study hard and get a 2nd upper degree. She did.


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