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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Median income over past six years in Singapore

How much is enough for retirees or early retirees?

We may need to take a look at the median income in Singapore to find out the magic number.

With a fully paid home and covered by comprehensive medical insurances and without the financial burden of children eating up money; how much is enough?

Median income excluding Employer CPF = $3,276

Is $5K per month in current dollar value enough for married couple without any dependents?

Should be comfortable. Right?

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  1. Hi CW,

    I prefer 120k passive income annually. Haha. Then I will print it big big on my blog!


    1. $10K expenses per month!

      Every month can go travelling

    2. Just kidding. If I dun achieve the figures, I still can print it in my blog! Right.. Lol

  2. Husband and wife each has $155K for CPF Life.

    Upon 65, each has $1.2K to spend for life. Enough already lah.

    p.s. Home fully paid, no more kids obligation, insure with CPF MediLife.

  3. I guess it all depends on what kind of lifestyle we want... to some it is more than enough, to others, it is not enough...

  4. For me, to retire happily is to have no illnesses and to be able to contribute to society by taking on jobs that pay not so well (toilet cleaning and social work).

    SG Wealth Builder


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