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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The truth: Passive Income as Retirement Income is not that difficult!!!

Just For Thinking

Uncle8888 is getting tired of keep repeating it to some of his younger colleagues around him whenever they talk about passive income in retirement planning.

Passive income is a direct function of Account Size!

Larger our account size. The easier to reach that level of passive income required to sustain our retirement life.

How to grow our Account size to reach that large size?

1. Earn more and save more

2. Can consider growth-dividend and capital appreciation strategies.

3. For long only retail investors, can consider capital recovery strategy to build up War Chest for the next market cycle. 

It is through higher earning, higher saving, higher capital appreciation and higher re-investment gains; then we may reach that large account size sooner and then change our future investing strategy to generate passive income required to sustain our retirement life.


Not right?


  1. To have passive income does not mean you invest in stocks only.
    You can monetize your property by renting out or sell e-books to generate passive incomes.

    SG Wealth Builder

  2. CW,

    Primary school math.

    5% of 1 million is $50,000 per year. Not fantastic; but not to shabby too. And very doable.

    To get the same $50,000 per year with $100,000 capital, we need 50% yield per year!!!???

    It's like bodybuilding - we need to bulk up first.

    I think those who believe all we need is a low fat lean body mass like a marathon runner may have a rude shock down the line...

    1. Swee!

      Bodybuilders need more proteins. Wealth builders need more capital from saving.


  3. CW8888 : Don't feel tired so easily lar, maybe they just wanted to extract more knowledge from you and wanted you to share more mah! But totally agreed with you lar, SIZE does matter when comes to investment... ;-)

  4. Hi CW,

    Don't give up, we need you to nag at us youngsters hehehe. Anyway, I know some people just don't listen, like to complain only. Those that do listen will follow up with questions like how to save and what to do, those you can spend more effort in elaborations.


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