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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Eight Months After Retiring From Full-time Employee. What Has Really Changed???

Read? Six Months After Not Doing Anything To Increase GDP As Jobless Man!

Saving money vs. Saving time

Unlce8888 has initially planned for Taiwan Round 4 in March 2017; but it was cancelled due to his Hernia operations in March so he postponed to August to visit Cairns and avoiding Taiwan due to Typhoon season beginning in August.

Flight fare to Cairns Australia is more costly as compared to flight to Taiwan so must do some airfare comparison!

Skyscanner shows:

(a) Direct flight by SilkAir : $1.5K, 6 hrs 45 mins

(b) 1 Stopover by BA+Qantas : $960  19 hrs 55 mins

Both ways saving for two persons: $1,080

Time spent at airport during two stopovers : 26 hours

When Uncle8888 was working and his annual leaves are limited so the choice of saving money vs. saving time is simpler. Saving time is better than saving money.

Save $1K or spend 26 hours?


Now; the choice is not so straight forward as he has plenty of spare time to lose. Think think think. Saving money or saving time? LOL!

Spending 13 hours at airport may be too much even he has lots of spare time to burn so he booked direct flight by SilkAir and burnt $1K away. :-)


  1. Can book Norwegian Air to London -- $550 return ticket per pax.

    Take advantage of lower GBP. Stay at AirBNB. Catch cheap afternoon musicals/plays & full dress rehearsals at the West End. Splurge a bit on yourself & missus at Notting Hill & Coventry Gardens. Beware the pickpockets at Portobello & the Tube. Give the middle finger to the royals at Buckingham. See the crown jewels & where they used to chop heads, chop genitals & pull out intestines at the Tower. Go window shopping for cosy 2-bedroom apartment --- but beware Brexit; less fat wallet bankers left.

  2. Wow didn't know airfare to Cairns is so ex. I went Sydney end of last year, airfare was around 600+.

    1. Probably lack of competitors for direct flights from Singapore to Cairns.


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