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Monday, 1 May 2017

Life Experiences : What Some Others Have Went Through Are Reflection To Others Too

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Can we measure happiness purely from the perspective of money? I was told that there was a blogger telling people not to start a family until one is FI. If this is told on my face, I would ask the person to go and fly kite, because human being may go into existence for that reason. How many people can give birth in the 40s or 50s? Old man marrying young wife? Perhaps. But, that ruler of measuring a relationship by money itself is a joke.

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It is far better to find your spouse when you are poorer. At least you reduce the probability of your money attracting the wrong spouse.

Real Story. Real Person!

Uncle8888's older relative has successfully started his family based restaurant business in US, expanded his restaurant business and became rich. 

When his son wanted to find his spouse; his son came to Singapore to work as factory worker in one of electronic companies where there were many female workers. From there; he began to beo the right woman and courted her. He finally found that right woman and married her and went back to US to continue with his family restaurant business.

That man who was willing to take time off and disguise himself as poor working class to look for his spouse.

What is the Moral of the Story?


  1. He wanted to find a wife that could cook good zhi char?? Not many angmoh or Sinkie women can do that you know.

    1. LOL!


      Another person who don't take ourselves too seriously ;)

    2. //////


      Not someone to help to spend his family's hard earned money.

      Now where to find this someone.

      Of course in a factory where you can find all sort of characters.

      And you can take your time.

      He definitely has a "BUSINESS MIND".


      i had worked in factories before and saw many types of girls.

    3. i just wonder what are his criterias he looks for in a wife then?

      i also wonder if a girl's Cupid arrow shoot at his heart, then what criterias he is talking about?

      Ha! Ha!

    4. temperament,

      Hope this guy is normal and goes for "shui shui" one.

      Or he could be looking for an "ox"...

      "Dad! Look what I found! This one can work 12 hours day without pay! Good, better, best or what?"

    5. More like eliminating women looking for rich husband

    6. Can sign prenuptial agreement if he is worried. If the girl agrees it may also means she is not looking that the $$$

    7. Those days in electronics full of girls and women to choose. LOL!

  2. MIL used to say:-


    Another words, some people believe "Marriage is Made in Heavens".

    i tend to believe.

    There is a very simple logical reason behind this belief except in the old days marriage is match made.

    So of course i wondered how many he had chosen before one said yes.

  3. Money changes people.
    Being poor is a test of character.
    Being rich is a tougher test.
    Being poor again after rich is the ultimate test.

  4. From poor to rich to poor, you most probably shake your shoulders.

    From Rich to poor, especially from very rich to poor, you are "gone case".


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