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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Who Are The Real Investing Influencers???


Receive reminder email to learn How to Invest Wisely 

Just anyhow hantam!


Hi Jacob,

We hope that you are having a Fantastic day😊. We are following up with you to see if you are interested in joining us as we are confirming guest list atm?

Thank you very much and have an Outstanding Day. We hope to see you.


Hello Influencers:)

Hope that everyone's having an Incredible Thursday. My name is XXXX and i am sending this invite on behalf of XXX, my partner and blogger. I would like to invite you to a night of fun filled with music, food and knowledge specially for our Influencers. You will also learn How to Invest Wisely during the event and will receive a class worth USD$30,000 if you are interested to continue with our 2 days class after attending this event. Read on for more the exciting details!

"Come 16 May, Join us and Have a Fun Tuesday night with music, knowledge and dinner:) Here’s your chance to learn how to learn how to Invest and make money through a program that blogger XXX is running in her company. There will be food and fun and wisdom knowledge! Her mentor XXX Said would be charming us with strategies on investments and you will be able to win goodies up to USD $30,000!



  1. Haha i also receive the same.

    Keen to learn a $30k course

  2. CW,

    I think they just blanket party to everyone. Even I also got invitation!?

    That means they have no standard whatsoever... Didn't they know I cheaper than Desker Road?

    $30,000 for a 2 day course?

    I don't think lawyers and doctors pay that much for "refresher" trainings ;)


    It would be interesting to see which "influencers" will attend and be their "affiliates" ;)

    Last time, one "guru" willing to give me a 40% cut if I help refer students to his $1000 plus course.

    This one even better! 40% of $30K is a cool $12K just for herding bei kambings to them!?

    I didn't even pause to think about it.

  3. Huh I don't even have a freaking blog also got this stupid email... Wahlao wasted 2 sec of my life to scan thru and another 0.5 sec for me to move my mouse to click the Del button.

  4. Walau, getting real desperate!

    SMOL also kenna.

    How can you squeeze LKY's juice from a former Snake-Oil saleman?!

    HA! HA!


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