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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

When You Are No Longer Looking Forward To Public Holidays .. Lost Touch???

One ex-colleague whatapps Uncle8888


This is the first sign of losing touch with the calendar!

Not sure good or bad sign! LOL!


  1. I don't know about you, time seems to pass very fast day by day.

    In the past, we always looking for "TGIF".

  2. I used to do shift work -- morning, afternoon, night shifts, and on Sat, Sun, PH too. All rostered no choice. Any block leave must give 3-4 months notice, any 1 or 2 day leave must give at least 2 weeks notice. During those time, I also don't know when or where is PH ... sometimes weekends also don't recognize coz working consecutively for 2 or 3 weekends.

    Now me early retirement, also forget about PH sometimes. Alamak! But not as bad lah, still know when is weekend & plan for family, haha.

  3. Another thing is I have stopped shaving every morning and shaved only when it looked necessary like hair cut.

    1. CW,

      I hope you still take your daily showers and not when its necessary...


      I actually tried to grow a moustache, but I looked like a "chee kor pek" instead :(

    2. Me too.

      But wifey doesn't like.

      When young we want to look older (wisdom comes with age ma).

      When old we want/try to look younger(aka want to look like Johnny Walker).

      Now which women doesn't wants to always look younger?


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