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Monday, 29 May 2017

Goals, System, Purpose, Luck, Dream, Vision ... Whatever You Like To Term Them???

Read? After Point X In Our Career or Investing Journey; This Is How We May Say It Loudly!

Whenever someone talks loud and clear. It is sure sign that he or she has achieved it in that way!

The moral of the story

If you have finally realized that after few years in one camp and not achieving or not progress much; then you might want to switch over to the other camp to see whether you can make it. How about that?


  1. Ah...... the classic Bell Curve.

    CPFIS's stock investment history tell similar story.

    And to gamblers in a cassino it's Lady Luck.

    To Casino it's Bell Curve, Statistics & Lady Time.

  2. Should I read it that those who on -2SD and -3SD "NON-achiever who also TALK LOUD".

    Those people are scammer, crook...


  3. The more convincing "qualify scammers" are the +2SD & +3SD.

    Why after "sucessful", they go and conduct seminars?

    This group really charges exorbitantly.

    And of course they advertised like only the 'Elites" can afford only.

    1. I'm still waiting for the +4SD sure-bao-chiak Toto Grp 1 investment system course.

      Don't mind going for the free preview...

    2. LOL!

      Good sense of humour!

      Or are you serioous?!

  4. Actually there will never be +4SD conducting seminar.

    Only WB have yearly annual meeting.

    And you have to pay(aka to charity) quite a lot to attend.

    And it is only a meeting.


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