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Sunday, 7 May 2017

What's My Investing Edge?

Read? What's My Trading Edge?

Singapore Man of Leisure5 May 2017 at 19:44


You may discover it one day ;)

2 hunters in the forest surprised by a menacing bear.

An edge is knowing you can outrun the other hunter ;)

Hmm.... Discovered!

Uncle8888 doesn't need to outrun anybody else in the market; his edge is knowing his estimated future household expenses for 2+ based on his highest historical household expenses of five and his Tap 1 can outrun his future household expenses.

An edge in investing for sustainable retirement income for life is knowing his Tap 1 can outrun his life and not competing against others.

You mean after other hunters losing once; but they never learn to find their edge to outrun you the next time?

Uncle8888's edge is simply knowing his money can outrun his life. 

No competition against others. 

Ownself. Own target!


  1. Have been thinking the same.

    Put it in a unpalatable way, why be bothered by others if you know what you are doing.

    Even more unacceptable way is, WHO CARES!

  2. CW,

    Good one! That's more like it! This is more intellectually stimulating!

    1. Talk about driving using rear view mirror. You know it better than anyone of us.

    Your first child university costs how much. The next one, and the last one?

    Your first hospitalisation stay costs how much years ago. Your recent hospitalisation costs how much.

    You selectively use straight line extrapolation? Expenses is historical and flat; while investments yield is extrapolated ;)

    2. This is what you SAY.

    What you DO is to once in a while show that powerpoint where you benchmark your performance with other great investors and Temasek ;)

    Is benchmarking with an STI index also "competing" against others?



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