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Friday, 12 May 2017

You Can't Meet Your CPF BRS/FRS If You Don't Transfer Your CPF OA to SA or Cash Top Up Your CPF SA???

Chun bo?

Read? Top Up CPF SA From CPF OA? Depending On Who You Ask! (7)

How to get enough to meet your CPF BRS/FRS before 55?

Earn more over your years of working. This is practical and surely you will meet.


  1. I can only think of 2 main groups where it *may* make sense to xfer OA to SA:-
    1. Those who already have lots of $$$$$$ in bank & OA, and want to achieve ERS in SA. These people have happy problems.

    2. PMEs with paid-up property, but kena early retrenchment e.g. 40s, and unable to get "proper" job going forward. If they are sure they no longer need OA money for property or children education etc, then they may want to move to SA to earn extra interest for future bigger annuity payouts.

    Please remember that SA is mainly for CPF Life (annuity), which means that longer life benefits more. If your family history is shorter lifespan, then don't bother xfer OA to SA. Focus more on building up cash savings/investments which you have more control over.

    For those who can have uninterrupted jobs for 25-30 years, then even humble salaries of $2K to $3K can meet BRS/FRS before 55. No need to xfer OA to SA. Unless along the way you fall into 1 of the 2 groups above.

    Worse case just pledge your property to meet the BRS lorr.

  2. Oh I just remembered another way to use SA is to create long-term "trust" for your kid. You can open CPF account for your newborn baby after registering it. If you have spare $50K cash, just dump it into your kid's SA.

    That $50K will grow to $432+K by the time your kid is 55. Should be higher becoz got the extra 1% thingy. This will be more than enough to cover the BRS in year 2072 (55 yrs later). Your kid don't need to bother with xfer OA to SA. He/she can focus on building cash & OA.

    Using 3% annual growth, FRS by then will be $166K X (1.03)^55 = $844K (round up to nearest thousand).
    BRS is half that = $422K.

    But maybe by then no more S'pore or no more CPF, so no worries! :)

    1. How nice if G give this $50K ang po to new born kid's SA account.

      G has help to plan for each citizen retirement planning.

      May be this is a delay gratification motivation to encourage young family to have baby.

      L O L !!!


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