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Tuesday 9 May 2017

Financial Independence : Can Point Third Finger When Buay Song With Your Boss???

How about self-employed without bosses to point their third finger?

Without bosses; who else can make self-employed buay song?

Today; Uncle8888 has hokkien mee for lunch!

The famous one with his written rule clearly showed in front of his stall when you are ordering.

One plate for one person!


  1. CW,

    As a man-whore, I have lots of respect to hawkers who scold and tell their customers off ;)

    Of course I don't want to be scolded by the hawker!

    But I admire strength and backbone ;)

    In my weekend gig, I sometimes get cantankerous customers who complain:

    Why no discount?

    Why no free gifts?

    Why no free delivery?

    I gently remind these "entitled" customers that this is retail. The price is clearly marked there. Its an invitation to treat (OK, this will fly off their heads if they never studied Contract Law).

    So plan B I'll say no one forcing them to buy. This is not Sim Lim. Feel free to comparison shop further :)

  2. Erm, what if I really want to eat 2 or 3 plates for myself? Ya, can dump extra portions on top of same plate, but just doesn't seem as shiok as having multiple plates in front of me. Plus I don't think 1 plate can fully hold 2 or 3 portions --- he'll take away 10% or 20% of the mee just to fit everything in.

    I know, I know, he'll say "Knn you go eat first! Want some more you come back & queue again!"

  3. One plate cannot be shared by more than one person by taking extra chopsticks. He can't stop fom sharing one plate with one pair of chopsticks. Can have many persons sharing one plate by rotating one pair of chopsticks. LOL!

  4. temperament,

    You didn't know the whole picture.

    One plate only $2.50.

    There's a back story.

    I used to work opposite that hawker centre at Seah Im.

    It seems CW and I don't have a problem with that hawker :)

    And the fact that hawker stall is still in business after all these years, apparently the majority of his customers have no problem with him too ;)

    Go visit and try it out yourself to form your own opinion.

  5. Relak bros :)

    Anyway for me sharing with wifey no prob. We usually order 2 or 3 different dishes whenever we go hawker or food court, and then rotate the dishes. I'll just take 1 pr chopsticks or 1 set fork/spoon for each dish, no prob. Otherwise imagine we have 6 sets of chopsticks/forks/spoons just for 2 people! Hahaha

  6. Additional effort and time in washing those extra without bringing more revenues. sianz!


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