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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Senior Auntie Found A Purpose As Pokemon Trainer

Read? Go Find A Purpose!

Read? Retired As Pokemon Trainer Too! (2)

This morning Uncle8888 saw this senior auntie and waved at her. She smiled and waved back!

Senior auntie has been riding on her bike (not sure) it is everyday morning or evening to catch Pokemon (sometime saw her in the evening). 

She has been doing it since the Day of Pokemon Craze in Singapore. 

We are staying in ex Pokemon Hot Spot - Blk 401, Hougang Ave 10. Three Pokemon Stops and spawning ground of rare Pokemons.


No, no, no!

She has finally found riding her bike with a purpose - an incentive/reward or purpose or meaning to cycle over far distance to achieve the real purpose that is her EXERCISE and passing time. 

It can be quite boring to cycle alone with no real purpose or tentative goal in mind. Mindless sole cycling over long hours is no much fun. Very few seniors can do it sole over long distance and over hours of cycling for doing it as form of exercise.

Uncle8888 also knows another neighbor senior uncle sometime cycled to Punggol and Pasir Ris for fishing. 

From Hougang to Pasir Ris and then back to home is really far distance.

Uncle8888 was once an active Pokemon with his power walk and dashed faster than few other younger trainers to catch the rare ones under minutes. Pokemon as an incentive/purpose/meaning to achieve that real form i.e. physical exercise. The real reason to dash or sprint to that spot. No madness to run like Hell!


  1. To keep doing something over a long time. You need to do it with a purpose consciously or sub-consciously; otherwise it is not sustainable.

    1. Your purpose is NOT my purpose. My purpose is not yours too.

  2. Hi Uncle CW8888,
    Yes ! Indeed , it is a good game to make people especially seniors doing more exercise... and meeting more friends,,,it is much more meaningful if both husband n wife are playing ,,, hv common topic n can communicate more,,, :-)
    Cheers !!


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