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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Children Eat Our Money Or Let Strangers Become Friend Eat Our Money???

Remember this fact!

Our money NOT spent by ourselves will never disappear. It will be spent by others!

Either spent by our children or let strangers become friends and help to spend our money?

One day; most of us will NOT know how to count our money!


  1. Money not spend is not yours.

    If you have surplus money, and you can't finish it, donate it your favorite charity for help other.

    1. Strangers become close friends can grab those excess money. Think hard to prevent it from happening if one does not have younger next of kins

    2. Siblings and children can be assholes too when it comes to money. Best if can retain mental prowess as long as possible. Eat more turmeric & play mahjong!

      Can safeguard by using locking assets in trusts when you hit certain age e.g. 75, or when you feel your brain slowing down.

      Reminds me of funny story few years ago in UK. Rich British heiress willed GBP500K to her son, but put in trust over GBP100M cash plus properties, bonds, stocks etc for her dog and a small team of staff. After dog die, for her estate to be maintained & grown in trust for charity. I guessed the dog showed more love to the old lady than the son. The son sued in court but lost.

    3. Asshole children come from asshole parents?

      Children watch their parents as they are growing up

    4. They also learn from friends & society. And usually people who are assholes don't think that they are assholes. ;)
      That's why siblings can be very different, same DNA & upbringing, but different thinking & behavior.

  2. Total of unclaimed estate manage by Trust.


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