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Tuesday 30 May 2017

Why Do You NEED To Work HARD???

1. I haven't reach financial independence!

2. I need MORE money to pay for increasing household expenses for growing up children

3. I need MORE money to save and invest

In the same office; we can see some working very hard and some slacking obviously. The funny thing is that some of these slackers were previously working very hard. How come like that?

Real Manager. Real Slacker.

This ex colleague kept complaining to Uncle8888 about this slacker in his team and Uncle8888 replied to him. Either you sack him or live with it as he doesn't need the job as he already reached financial independence way ahead of his time. He is in the office just to pass time.

The Moral of Story

Not all who have reached financial independence means they will retire early to travel more or having lots of leisure and fun. 

Some of them still prefer to stay on as office worker but they will slack. They are liability to the team; but at the same time Uncle8888 as Manager we will know that we need these slackers for the Bell Curve! Good thing is that these financial independence slackers will not bother about their performance assessment and bonus. Win Win?

Whoever comes to Uncle8888 to complain about these slackers; he will just tell them you go to seek financial independence and one day you also can be like that!


  1. Open one eye and close one eye under Bell curve. Someone has to be there. Who is best fit and no complain and no kpkb.

  2. //Open one eye and close one eye under Bell curve.//

    Hohoho pretty good to be under you Uncle! :)
    But I think can only work in large organisations and also where the senior mgmt is not anal & don't take things personally.

    In a previous stat board where I used to work, those whose performance grading is D for 2 consecutive years, or 2 out of 4 years won't have their contracts renewed. At least they won't fire outright, unless for misdemeanors. But this only affect the newer staff who joined after 2002. Coz from 2003 onwards all new staff are on 2-year renewable contracts. I think most ministries & stat boards are now like this.

    For the old birds, in order to sack them for poor performance, need to have 2 years documented proof, plus at least 2X documented counselling series conducted together with HR. And need to write plenty of memos to PSD, involve the unions, etc. Usually we just post them out of our dept or division.

    Jack Welch was well known for his policy of sacking the bottom 10% every year. But maybe exaggeration or only for HQ staff because at the peak, GE had like a few hundred thousand employees worldwide. Maybe sack the bottom 1% or 2%.

  3. Uncle 8888 example very applicable in civil and public sector. Like that how to improve like what they talk?

  4. Having adequate number of slackers in team is actually a blessing, for the sake of meeting bell curve.

  5. Even if no slackers, and all staff are super-hardworking & super-smart, there will still be bell curve. Just that the curve will be right-translated if you can plot in on a graph.

    Having slackers who don't mind having slacker grades & no increments will just make your job as supervisor / manager much easier. Kekeke!! :)

    Unfortunately in today's world, management is not so ambivalent or forgiving of slackers. Many companies, even civil service, have been actively seeking out slackers to tekan and push out... If you are in-charge of slackers, mgmt & HR will also come after you, and your own performance grade will be affected by having those slackers still slacking around. :)


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