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Friday, 19 May 2017

How To Truly Beat Decades Of Inflation???

How to get CPF OA?

By working hor!

From Employee and Employer CPF contribution; this is how you can truly beat decades of inflation.


  1. Congrats Uncle!! That's a big return through all the shenanigans of the past almost 2 decades: dotcom bust, 9/11, Enron/Aurther Anderson collapse, SARS, GFC.

    That's why I advocate not using CPF-OA to pay off your property, as much as possible. I not being pro-PAP lah, just realistic.

    Ok ,ok, for those really low take-home pay, maybe not much choice. Like "$1K can still buy HDB" type of low pay.

    But for majority of Sinkies, what I see is they have sufficient take-home pay, but instead of saving & investing wisely, they either go lifestyle inflation or speculate on stocks, and use up all their monthly OA to pay mortgage.

    And after 20-30 years I keep hearing things like no money to retire, govt should return CPF at 55, why CPF so little money, etc etc. Which I am most fedup with.

    I really think PAP put the nail into the coffin for most Sinkies retirements when in 1986 & 1988 they passed the amendments to CPF Act to allow usage for private property & resale HDB.

    1. Hopefully more CPF members understand Moral of the Story!


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